One of the fun ways to get kids invested in learning about science is to leverage their curiosity of all things gross! Grossology is a really good place to start if you are looking for an approachable science activity for kids of all ages and adults too. There are all sorts of ways to experience Grossology that we are going to explore in this article from a Grossology tour to books and videos you can explore at home.

Grossology Science for Kids Virtual Tour - Kids Activities Blog - child surprised with the words, Gross science
Let’s take a Gross Science Virtual Tour!

Traveling Grossology Science Exhibits

If your kids are anything like mine they love gross stuff…slimy, stinky, squishy.   They love it all. And traditionally you might think it is just a boy thing, but that has been completely disproved at my house!  

Awhile back my kids had a blast learning about gross stuff when we visited the Animal Grossology exhibit at Sci-Tech Discovery Center near Dallas, Texas.

The Animal Grossology exhibit is really one of my kids favorite exhibits of all time.  

My kids learned so much today but they had fun the whole time.  Isn’t that the best way to learn?

I thought it would be fun to take you and your kids on this virtual Grossology tour together…

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Pictures from Our Visit to the Grossology Science Exhibit Tour

let's play animal grossology game - pictured is child looking at the screen of the Grossology Science exhibit playing game
Let’s play a gross science game!

We all learned some interesting facts while playing the Animal Grossology game.

My little girl was amazed at the giant fly that talked to her about Vomit Slurpers.  


My son loved learning about dung beetles at the Dung Ball Rally.   They both met these interesting guys while playing The Slime Game.

slime game from Grossology Science Exhibit in Dallas shown is snail
That is so gross!

They smelled some stinky smells, felt some weird textures, and learned about tapeworms, owl pellets, blood, leeches, and so much more.  

They even got to see the inner workings of a cow’s digestive system.

Grossology Science Exhibit - cows digestive system for kids
Let’s look INSIDE a cow at this Grossology exhibit!

Yes, it all sounds gross but there are great science lessons in this gross stuff and Sci-Tech Discovery Center is one of the best places in this area for kids to get fun hands-on lessons in science.

Of course, the submarine was where we probably spent the largest portion of our time. It is an incredible interactive display that teaches kids about invertebrates.   There are videos playing inside that teach about various creatures, small animatronic creatures along the outer base of the submarine, as well as an awesome slide and a real working periscope.  

Yes, my kids just LOVED moving the periscope all around and watching everything from the screen inside the submarine.


While all these pictures are from the Dallas visit of the Grossology Exhibit, here is a fun video from the Oklahoma Science Exhibit…

Virtual Grossology Exhibit Tour Video

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What is Grossology?

The origin of the word and movement of Grossology started with science educator, Sylvia Branzei who waned to create a series of non-fiction books that would capture kids’ attention and provide interesting science information.

Grossology Books We Love

More Gross & Science Fun From Kids Activities Blog

Do your kids love gross things?  Let’s leverage that for learning! Have you seen the Grossology exhibit?

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