This Printable Candy Corn Science Experiment worksheet is a great way to get in the mood for Fall while whipping up some STEM fun!  Use it as a recording sheet for your science exploration.

Candy Corn Science Experiment

Free Printable Science Experiment Worksheet

My kids love science and doing experiments!  With this printable, your kids can record the results from their candy corn experiment.

So, what better way to celebrate Halloween than with an experiment that tests that favorite holiday candy – candy corn!

This printable tracking sheet features plenty of room to record the types of liquids used, the predictions, and the observations.

You can choose any types of liquids that you’d like to see which ones dissolve the candy corn the fastest!

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Here’s how our science experiment turned out:

We went through the science experiment with candy corn and here are our results.

Candy Corn Science Experiment

Science experiments are so much fun and this candy corn experiment is no exception! It’s simple to do, but provides kids a great opportunity to see how different liquids can effect a piece of candy.

You can talk about acidity levels, the composition of the candy, the temperature of the liquid, and so much more!

Candy Corn Science Experiment

To download & print your candy corn science experiment recording sheet, simply click on the orange button below…yep, the color of candy corn!

Print out the experiment sheet to use with your kids at home or in the classroom!

Candy Science Fair Projects for Kids

Use this printable candy corn experiment recording sheet along with this simple experiment as inspiration for your science fair project.  You could pattern a large science fair poster after the printable worksheet and take pictures of the candy in various stages of the experiment.

I love the visual nature of this kids science experiment because it uses something so familiar!  Yet, sometimes the most unexpected results come from the ordinary.

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