These are some easy science experiments that you can do right now with ingredients that you can find at home, in your kitchen!  All using Soda!!  You will never look at soda the same after these experiments!  They are fun, crazy and even a little bit gross! Many thanks to Buzzfeed for inspiring this post!  If you want to learn more about why soda should be a rare treat, check out this infographic.


Explore how carbon molecules are dissolved into water, and how they can be released – often quickly.
  1. Shake up a bottle of soda and then open it.  What happened to all the carbonated gas?  Did shaking the soda affect it’s flavor?  How about the amount of bubbles it had later when you took a sip?
  2. Fill a balloon with some salt, or even raisins, or seeds.  Turn the balloon over the mouth of the soda bottle and watch what happens?  As the salt particles, or other items, dropped through the soda they released the carbon molecules and you can see the gasses filling the balloon!
  3. Go even BIGGER.  Make a Mentos “Shooter” and drop mentos into a bottle of Coke (diet is best).  Don’t want the massive mess but you still want to see the effect?  Just put the mentos candy in your hand and pout some soda into your palm.  Nifty!
soda science

More Kitchen Science Ideas

Explore Consistency.

Boil all the liquid out of the soda.  What you are left with is a concentrated tarry like mix.  That sticky syrup is the sugars that are left after the water has evaporated from your soda.  What do you think it tastes like??

Acids and Base.

Soda is very acidic due to it’s high sugar content and other ingredients.  Milk is a common base.  What do you think will happen when you mix Soda and Milk together.  Ewww!!  Bet you didn’t expect that! soda science wide Thanks to Buzz Feed for our kitchen science experiment day!!

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