The egg drop.  It is such a classic physics science fair project.  Easy to do, cool results and you have all the items on hand!  Promise.  Look in your fridge and the rubbish bin, add some tape and you’ve got this!


Egg Drop Experiment.

The point of the Egg Drop experiment is to protect an egg to such a degree that you can hurl it at the ground or a wall (outside) and your egg will still be intact and unbroken after it’s impact.  Much of the lessons we learn from this experiment are ones that are tested in automobiles as engineers work to keep us safe by designing cars in such a way that they protect us if we ever are in an accident.

Ideas to think about:

  • You may want to cushion the egg (i.e. adapt the surface it falls on).  You can do this by putting pillows down for your egg to land on.
  • You may want to change the rate of the fall.  You can do this with a parachute or by having your egg fall alongside a sheet.
  • You also may want to add a harness or protection around the egg as a “case” that absorbs the impact.

Whatever your method the goal is the same.  No broken eggs.  Below is our experiment.

More Egg Drop Ideas:

Okay, so let’s say your child isn’t in preschool and they really, really want to win that science fair project with the best and lets say smallest, or most lightweigh egg container for their drop.  You want to seriously “up” your egg drop game.

Check out this second video – There are lots of little tricks that you can do to improve your egg “harness” and take your science fair project to the next level!

Still looking for other Science Experiment Ideas?

Here are more than  45 Science Experiments for Kids.  I bet you can find something from that post to do for your next science day!  AND… coming soon is our book, 101 Kids Science Experiments, including many, many that are not here on the blog!  Pre-order your book now!

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