Kids science is so much fun! We love coming up with new ways to explore and experiment with our kids.   We also love using science to explain things to our children visually.   So many of the following ideas will help you do just that!

150 Kids Science Activities

Kids Science Activities

Make mud magnetic!   This is a really fun science fair project to help your kids with. Experiment with pH by using a cabbage to create tie dye!   See the reaction when you add in other chemicals like laundry detergent, tooth paste, juice or whatever else you can come up with. This fun project combines science and art.   Use markers to color onto cotton (like an old t-shirt) and then spray with rubbing alcohol and watch the colors explode. The science of fire is fascinating to discover with your kids.   This safe, parent-lead experiment will teach your children all about fire. Think an egg shell is fragile?  Try this food science explanation for kids and then see if your answer is still the same! Learn about the life-cycle of a pumpkin by making this craft.   Watch each step from seed to all the way to a bright orange pumpkin. Turn a regular tea bag into a rocket! This fun experiment studies the freezing temperature of water and how salt affects it.   This is a great way to explain the salt trucks during the winter months. Create a science table for open-ended, hands on learning.   Just give them the materials and let them explore however they’d like. This simple experiment has a great wow factor and is a fun and quick way to demonstrate surface tension in action. 150 Kids Science Activities Below are the rest of the kids science activities.   You can even add your own!   By linking up, you give other blogs permission to link back to your site and use one photo in a roundup post.   Family friendly links only, please.

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