We have a simple science experiment with salt that your kids will love!  It studies the freezing temperature of water and how salt affects it.  Kids Activities Blog love cool science magic tricks that make learning fun.

Experiment with Salt: Freezing Temperature {and Cool Science Magic}

Experiment with Salt

Can you lift an ice cube into the air using nothing but a piece of string? This classic experiment with salt and ice was an absolute winner with my son. He is four years old and loves the “magic” of simple science experiments. This one requires only a few simple materials,   takes just a couple of minutes to do, and produces a real “wow” factor.

For this simple science experiment with salt you will need:

A glass filled with water

An ice cube

A piece of string


Easy experiment with salt {Learn about salt and the freezing temperature of water}

Freezing Temperature

To conduct this simple science experiment, place the ice cube into the glass of water. The ice cube will float on top of the water. Next, take your length of string (it will work best if you use a wet piece of string) and lay it across the ice cube. Can you pick up the ice cube? No? What could we use as “glue” to attach the string to the ice cube?

Here’s how to make the magic happen. Place the wet string on top of the ice cube, sprinkle some salt over the ice cube and string and wait for one minute. After one minute, lift the string by holding it at each end.

Kids learn about the freezing temperature of water with this experiment with salt

Science Magic

There! The string is now attached to the ice cube and you’ve lifted the ice cube up and out of the water.

How it works:

Salt lowers the freezing point of water so where the salt meets the ice cube, the ice melts quickly. It only takes a few seconds for the water to refreeze into ice and surround the string. When this water refreezes, the string is now stuck to the ice cube and can be used to lift it out of the water.

So salt lowers the freezing point of water. Can you think of a common every day scenario where this fact is useful? How about during winter snowfalls when roads and sidewalks are slippery and covered with ice? That’s why we sprinkle salt over these surfaces to melt the ice and make them safer.

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We love that this experiment with salt uses basic ingredients everyone has in their home.  How have you helped your children understand the concept of freezing temperature?  For more great kids activities, take a look at these:

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