Baby Hates Hearing Aids Until She Hears Moms Voice For The First Time [Video]

Can you imagine the biggest surprise a baby could experience?

surprised baby reaction from hearing aids video - Kids Activities Blog
I did NOT expect that!

Imagine you were born deaf and had never heard a sound.

Then all of a sudden, you hear sound for the first time.

This happened for one family…

Watch the adorable moment a baby hears her mother’s voice for the first time.

screenshot of baby being held by mom
Hmmmm…not sure what is happening here…

Alison Potts was born with a genetic hearing disorder – Waardenburg syndrome– and unknowingly passed it on to three of her eight children. 

The condition is a rare genetic disorder most often characterized by varying degrees of deafness as well as a white forelock of hair, skin pigmentation loss, in some cases cleft lip and pallet and issues with the heart.

screenshot of video where baby is smiling
I like the sound of that!

Alison’s youngest, Ellianna, who is three-months-old, was one of the children born with the condition and was unable to hear her own mother’s voice.

Not only that, the act of putting in the hearing aids made her screaming mad…

screenshot from video of baby mad
What is going on?

However, after receiving her first pair of hearing aids, the tot was shocked into silence when her mom started to sooth her.

Take a look!

Video of Baby Hearing Mother’s Voice for First Time

Since two of her siblings and her mom share the same disorder, this baby will grow up in a home surrounded by people who understand exactly what she’s going through.

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