Baby firsts are always entertaining. Baby’s first smile. That first kiss. First time trying lemons.

Those are always funny.

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Baby dreams of bacon?

Every single baby always has the same reaction to lemons: that shocked face, then pucker, then the re-lick. It’s like they can’t help themselves, and it’s hilarious as can be.

My daughter’s funniest first was her first pickle. She didn’t have teeth yet and we were sitting at grandma’s house eating dinner and she kept reaching for her grandpa’s plate. So, grandpa being grandpa, he handed her his pickle.

Her face was Priceless!

It was amazing.

At first she seemed to really not like it, but then she really Really loved it.

To this day pickles are one of her favorite things.

For this baby, it’s bacon.

For Christmas Easton’s family decided to let him try bacon for the first time ever and he couldn’t have loved it anymore.

Take a look!

Baby Tried Bacon for First Time Video

It’s that look of bliss when he first tried it that cracked me up.

Then, that Mmmmm…bacon.

I don’t think he could have had a more perfect reaction and I’m so glad his family decided to share it with the world!

So funny!


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Do you love bacon as much as the baby in the video?

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