Check out this funny pregnancy video! It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Not only did mom not know she was pregnant, but she told her kids in the funniest way! Yeah, funny pregnancy videos don’t get much better than that! This is not only amusing, but actually heartwarming as well!

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Mom Announces Sibling In The Most Surprising Way To Siblines


Have you ever had a really big surprise?

Like the biggest of all surprises…

There are a lot of amazing ways we might find out we’re pregnant, but the least amazing of all is while we’re actually in labor.

And yet it happens ALL THE TIME!

In fact, it happened to a friend of mine a few years ago. She went to the hospital thinking she had a really bad kidney stone that wouldn’t pass, and came home with a bouncing baby boy the next day.

screenshot of siblings in the hospital talking to mom who just gave birth
It wasn’t just mom who was clueless…

How Do You Not Know You’re Pregnant?

How does it even happen!?

It’s such a shocking thing to even think about that there’s even a show about it on TLC.

It’s one of those things that can be such a happy surprise that even though it completely changes our lives, it’s not always such a bad thing to go through.

Well, this mama is right up there with all the others who had to tell their families, “Surprise, I have a baby!”

screenshot of this mama is right up there with all the others who had to tell their families, "Surprise, I have a baby!"

When mama went in thinking she’d have to have surgery, she soon found out that she was actually pregnant, in labor, and about to give birth.

screenshot of happy family with new surprise sibling
Some of the best things come as a surprise!

When it came time to tell her kiddo’s the news, she decided to let them ‘see’ what happened during her surgery.

Take a look!

Video of Mom Telling Kids About Surprise Birth of New Baby Sister


Was that video a really good surprise??

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