This family jumps a raised drawbridge in car and lands on the other side. I know, when I saw it, my jaw dropped. Could you imagine having to make the choice of jumping your car or plummeting to the water? So scary, you have to hear the story! This video is crazy!

Family Jumps Drawbridge- Family car on opening drawbridge video - Kids Activities Blog
Drawbridges are fascinating when things go right!

Family Jumps Drawbridge In Car

Drawbridges are fascinating…when everything goes correctly!

But what if it doesn’t?

When the Naphys family headed out for an evening of dining and shopping, they had no idea they would soon be living through the most harrowing experience of their lives.

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Family Jumps Drawbridge- screenshot of the family

Normally crossing the bridge would have no danger, but this time things went wrong.

Terrance Naphys only had moments to make a decision as the bridge rose, and their car straddled the gap…

Family Jumps Drawbridge- screenshot of opening bridge
What would you have done?

Witnesses thought for sure the family had plunged into the waters 65 feet below, but thankfully they landed, Hard, on the other side.

Family Jumps Drawbridge- screenshot of cars on drawbridge
Thankfully things went better than on-lookers thought.

According to the police report, the tollbooth had no contact with the oncoming water vessel due to their radios being down, and no one saw the car on the bridge because of a strong sun glare.

Family Jumps Drawbridge- screenshot from drawbridge video
That sun!

The Naphys survived, but their car now has over $10,000 in damage, and the family wants to know this will never happen to anyone ever again.

Take a look!

Car vs. Rising Drawbridge Video

Facts About Drawbridges

In case you’re not familiar with drawbridges here are some facts!

  • Drawbridges were usually built as part of a medieval castle.
  • Modern drawbridges are usually built across busy waterways.
  • Drawbridges can be lifted to allow large ships to pass under.

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Can you believe this car jumping drawbridge video?

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