This adoption surprise video is so sweet! It will make your heart so happy! This adoption surprise video shows how excited brothers are when their parents surprise them with an adopted baby! Their joy is so infectious and I love it. Their happiness will make your heart melt! This adoption surprise video is seriously cute! Check it out!

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Adoption surprise Video

Surprises are great. And this video shows the most amazing surprise of them all…well, you will see!

But this type of surprise is probably the best of them all…

This is the adorable moment two sons jump up and down with joy after their parents surprise them with a new baby brother they secretly adopted.

screenshot from video of parents telling kids that they have a new sibling
What is the surprise?

Flying from Dike, Iowa, to Florida under the premise they’re about to surprise their parents on vacation, nine-year-old Logan Peverill and brother Chase burst into their grandparent’s holiday home shouting ‘surprise’.

screenshot from video of baby in bed room and boys excited
A baby??

As mom, Shannon, and dad, Tom ask, ‘what’re they doing here’, the brothers have no idea it’s them who are about to be surprised.

screenshot of boys learning that they have a new adopted baby brother
I can’t believe it!

Holding their mom’s hand, the adorable duo gasp in excitement as, cuddled up in a chair before them, sits a tiny baby, who unbeknown to them, is now their brand-new little brother.

screenshot of boys saying hi to new baby brother
A brother!

Jumping up and down, the brothers brag they’ve ‘got a new baby brother’, but the celebrations are temporarily put on hold as Chase hilariously announces that he ‘thought it’d be a girl’, before erupting once more into jubilation.

Take a look!

Boys Surprised with New Baby Brother Video

It’s been a few months now and baby brother is growing like a weed.

Now that the kids are back in school, I’m guessing this will be one holiday story they’ll be excited to tell their friends!

new adopted baby brother fits right into family - screenshot
Just part of the family!

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Awwww…did you love the surprise video?

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