All Babies Love Raspberry Noises, But This One’s A PRO! [Video]

One of the best things about babies is how literally every single thing is new to them.

And to you.

So yeah, you’ve seen your S.O. smile a million times, but that first time baby smiles?

It’s gold.

And sure, sleeping through the night isn’t a big deal, but once baby does it?



Mother of PEARL – it’s like heaven on earth.

Baby Loves Raspberry Noises Video - Kids Activities Blog
I got this!

So yes, there are some really big firsts with babies that are awesome and incredible, but there are also some little things we forget about until we see OUR baby do it, and then it’s pretty much everything.

Like this baby doing raspberries.

Yeah, raspberries aren’t that big a deal if you’re used to them, but seeing a baby master the art of making a raspberry noise is almost nirvana in it’s awesomeness.

Like, I can’t stop smiling while watching this.

Take a look!

Baby Makes Raspberry Noises by Herself Video

It’s the little things, guys. Sometimes we just need something pure and happy to get us through the day. Today, for me, it was a baby blowing raspberry noises with all her might.

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Did your baby love respberries?



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