This baby girl DEMANDS spaghetti Right Now! [Video]

I don’t know if she’s ever actually tasted spaghetti, but this baby demands it.

baby with mouth open looking a fork with spaghetti and sauce on it - Kids Activities Blog
I want spaghetti!

She’s watching dad twirl the noodles around his fork and it’s like she’ll do just about anything to get it in her belleh!

I’ve seen this same thing with ice cream, or cake before, but never this! This is truly adorable!

Baby Demands Spaghetti Video

Honestly, I’ve felt the same from time to time, so I can’t blame her for trying.

I’m sure she’ll be eating on her own in no time and then we’ll have a whole new spaghetti video to see!

Until then, keep trying, kid. You’ll get there soon enough…


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