I had no idea you could do THIS with an American Girl doll!

If you’ve ever bought an American Girl doll you know it’s one of the most pricey toys your child is ever going to own.

Not only that, but once they’ve been played with, they look a little…rough.

American Girl Doll hair restored after this genius trick we found in a video

It is time for your American Girl doll makeover!

It’s also not possible to restore their original hair style with heat tools! Using hair curlers, or straighteners can actually cause the AG dolls hair to melt right off!!

How DO you curl your AG dolls hair without heat?


So in the past we’ve tried tons of ways to fix them after they’ve taken on a more ‘used’ look, but apparently we did it all wrong and the poor American doll girl hair was a hot mess.

THIS is how you bring an AG doll hair back to its former glory…and it’s WAY EASIER than I ever imagined!

How to Restore American Girl Doll Hair

I had no idea you could do THIS with an American Girl doll!

Can you believe that?

I mean, I’ve bought special doll cleaners, doll shampoos, spent nearly a MINT trying to do what this video maker did with things she has around her home.

I’m blown away. GRATEFUL, but blown away.

I can’t wait to start restoring our old used AG dolls!

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We absolutely love playing with our American Girl dolls.  They can take on nearly anything!!