Did you know you can make mesmerizing art using soap, oil, and paint? I didn’t, but I’m glad I know now! I would have never imagined anyone making art with 3 items. This mesmerizing art looks different every time they make it and I love it. It almost feels alien, very abstract, and full of emotion. You have to check it out!

Mesmerizing art made out of paint and soap video - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s watch some pretty art!

Mesmerizing Art

We love making art out of all sorts of stuff & this is something super cool that I haven’t seen before…

This dizzying video and accompanying images use oil, soap and paint.

It creates movements that feel otherworldly, psychedelically bursting from their surroundings.

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Mesmerizing art- pink, white, black, and gold abstract art made with oil, soap, and oil
I love the pink and orange colors!

Painting With Soap, Oil, Paint

Shot in extremely high resolution and at close range, the vibrant colors glide across the screen in director Thomas Blanchard’s “Galaxy Gates” creation.

Mesmerizing art- teal, orange, gold, green, pink, white, purple paint mixed with soap and oil
It looks very rainbow-y!

What’s even more stunning is the fact that the final work only used around two percent of the footage Thomas and his photographer partner, Oilhack, were able to capture over the space of four months.

Mesmerizing art- oil with soap and bubbles and streaks of pink, white, yellow, and green colors
The drops look like planets!

When working on the project, the duo mixed the chemicals in different variations.

When a vibrant reaction was then triggered, they would start the camera rolling.

Mesmerizing art- swirls and bubbles of oil and glitter with green yellow, blue, red, purple, and pink
It is breath-taking!

There was a lot of trial and error in such a process, Thomas, 31, said, as there are infinite possibilities for how much oil, paint and soap to mix.

Take a look!

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Mesmerizing Art Video You Don’t Want to Miss

As captivating as the pictures are, nothing is quite as incredible as watching it on video.

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What an incredibly unique form of art, and definitely something I’d like to try myself at some point!

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Did you love seeing the video of cool mesmerizing artwork?

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  1. Wowza!!!
    I would love to do this with my kids but do not see any directions for the process of painting with oil,soap and paint.
    Is there a link to access the process?
    Thank you

    1. Hi! Unfortunately there weren’t any directions listed for this in the video, or the video description. You could always give it a try at home and just experiment with different ratios of the materials!