Renee cares for newborn babies who require intensive care; she is a NICU nurse. “Our babies are very critical, and we don’t know if they’re even going to make it through a shift,” explains Renee.

But Renee  goes above and beyond her  duties as a nurse, “I treat the babies the way I would want someone to treat MY baby if I wasn’t there.

That’s the most important thing.” She cuddles them. She takes photos for their parents. She even keeps in contact after they go home.

She loves them.

NicuNurseSeveral parents of Renee’s NICU babies got together to show Renee how much they appreciate her.

As they show up all at once with their children, Renee is overwhelmed with joy (and I bet you will be too!)

Tiny Miracles Video

This video is  called, “Tiny Miracles,” because that’s what babies are.

And they’re cared for by miracles workers, because that’s what NICU nurses  are.


Were you inspired by this NICU nurses story?

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