Three-Month-Old Miraculously Recovers Overnight After Parents Told She Had Massive Tumor [Video]

The only thing any new parent wants is to get their healthy child home and settled into the family as soon as possible.

Miracle Baby Video of Baby who was diagnosed with tumor - Kids Activities Blog
A healthy baby at home is the goal!

The idea that anything could delay that homecoming is a hard thing to face, but we would also do anything we could to take care of that precious new life.

That’s exactly what parents of this three-month-old faced when told their daughter had a tumor that would need surgery.

screenshot of baby who had a diagnosis
Oh sweet baby!

Children’s Hospital doctor’s can’t explain what happened next, but some are calling it a divine hand.

When mom noticed little Paisley wasn’t developing properly one one side of her face, she took her to the doctor.

screenshot of concerned mom with baby
Mom had some concerns…

Doctor’s warned the family that Paisley most likely had a malignant tumor and after several scans confirmed, the doctor’s went in for a biopsy.

screenshot of sleeping baby
Isn’t it wonderful that baby was not worried?

Only…there was nothing there…and the symptoms that brought Paisley to the hospital in the first place?

Gone completely.

Take a look!

Video of Miracle Baby – Tumor Disappears!


Wasn’t that a lovely baby story?

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