Daughters Burst Into Tears When Mom Surprises Them With New Baby [Video]

Some of us know what we want our family to look like long before it is formed.

new baby sister arrives at home to excited siblings video - Kids Activities Blog

We know how many children we want, how far apart we want them to be in age, and some even know whether they want boys, girls, or both.

For Shane and Kasi Pruitt, they always knew they wanted to adopt.

And they made that happen when the family expanded from two biological daughters to include two adopted children, both with disabilities.

screenshot of family who adopted several of their kids

When the Texas family decided they wanted to expand again, they knew adoption was the road they wanted to take, and were prepared for a long wait, according to Shane.

adoptive father tells his story (screenshot)

Only, there was a baby out there already ready for them, and they had no idea. A little three-week-old girl…

screenshot of new baby

Two weeks after the adoption process began, mom and dad received news they’d be parents once more, and they decided to surprise their daughters with the news.

screenshot of mom with new baby

Only, they never expected their daughters to react quite the way they reacted…

screenshot of new baby eating

Overjoyed with their new sister, both girls burst into tears, crying happy tears as they learned that they’d get to keep the baby.

Take a look!

Daughters Surprised with New Baby Sister

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