Sweet Baby Has The ‘Goofy’ Giggles, And It’s Adorable! [Video]

There is nothing more infectious than baby giggles.

When you see a baby giggling from afar, you almost can hear it your mind.

Video of Baby giggling makes me giggle - kids activities blog

Can’t you almost hear the baby giggles?

That is the case with this video…except you CAN hear the giggles!


When we were little, we all had that one toy that made us happier than all of our other toys.

For me, it was a stuffed elephant named Ellie.

I’d had Ellie pretty much from birth and I took her everywhere with me. If ever I needed a bit of support, Ellie was my go-to.

As much as I loved her, though, she never made me react quite like this.

This little baby’s favorite toy is Goofy.

And Goofy lives up to his name, because anytime he’s around this little guy can’t stop giggling.

He gets so excited about seeing him that he instantly brightens up and breaks into ‘Goofy giggles’.

Take a look!

Baby Giggles Video – Bet You Will be Giggling Too!

How cute is he? As a parent, I think I’d probably keep Goofy on hand at all times. He seems to be a go-to for instantly brightening this little boy’s face, so I (for one) would never, Ever let Goofy out of my sight!

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Did you start giggling when you watched that baby?

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