These Babies CAN’T STAY AWAKE–Watching Them Try Will Make Your Day [Video]

Listen, being a kid is exhausting.

Everyone is just expecting way too much out of kids.

We want them to eat and see things and play!?

Who has time for that when there is sleeping to do?

These kids can not stay awake video - Kids Activities Blog
Sometimes you just need sleep…

They’ll try to be awake, I mean they will give it their all, but sometimes…

Babies just can’t. stay. AWAKE.  

I can’t really imagine what it’s like to fall asleep in the middle of my lunch with food all over my face.

But surely it happened at one point in my life!

So no judgement, little guys, no judgement at all.

Babies Who Can’t Stay Awake Video

That baby on the couch is totally me when I’m watching sports documentaries with my husband! (Okay actually just sports in general.)

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Have you had trouble NOT falling asleep somewhere lately?