This is an an amazing story! It starts with a 5 year old girl.

Hailey Dawson is 5 years old and has a rare disease, Poland Syndrome that caused her right hand to not fully develop. Her mom did research a few years ago and found that she could be helped by a 3D printer!

Little Girl Throws Out the First Pitch with 3D Printer Bionic Hand Video

So what does that have to do with baseball?

A project completed by the students at UNLV, made this bionic hand dream come true.

Because her hand is Orioles-themed, it only seemed fitting to have her throw out the first pitch!

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3D Printer Bionic Arm - Kids Activities Blog

Take a look!

Little Girl with Robotic Hand Throws Out First Pitch Video

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I had no idea a 3D printer could be THAT useful!

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