{Sweet} Big Brother Comforts Baby Sister Scared of Car Wash [Video]

When you’re little, everything is brand new.

And with all those brand new things, some of them seem scarier than others.

Like the first time you notice your shadow is following you.

Can you imagine how scary that must seem to a child?

The idea that this thing that you can’t touch or identify is just following you around?

little girl scared by car wash comforted by brother - Kids Activities Blog

Brother Comforts Sister

Well, the little girl in this video is terrified of the car wash she’s about to enter.

It looks scary.

It’s like a cave that’s attacking the cars inside of it.

And it’s loud.

So, she’s crying, and begging not to go in.

Luckily, she’s got a big brother who knows car washes aren’t really that big a deal and he’s there to help her get over her fears.


At one point sister says she wants to go home, “Back there.”

But brother is such a helper he tells her home is through the car wash.

And it’s faster.

And it’ll be done before she knows it.

Seriously, this kid is amazing.

Take a look!

Brother Offers Comfort to Little Girl Scared of Car Wash Video

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