This dad puts his baby to sleep by explaining his job, how cute! We know most kids like bedtime stories, but sometimes a story is too exciting and they’re not quite ready for bed. This dad has a solution by explaining his job to the baby. Apparently his job was just enough to put the baby to sleep and it is hilarious! You have to check it out!

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Let me tell you a little bit about my job…

Dad Puts Baby To Sleep By Explaining His Job

We don’t all have dream jobs, but that doesn’t mean our jobs aren’t dreamy to some. This dad stumbled on a better way than a lullaby to get his five-month-old son to fall asleep…by explaining what his job entails. As doting dad Kevin Payne cradles Carter at home in Cortlandt Manor, New York, he begins to describe what his role as a Technology Resiliency Manager means. 

No sooner has he begun speaking about the various infrastructure tests his team does, Carter’s eyes quickly begin to close. Only, dad isn’t done talking yet, so he wakes him back up.  After asking if his son is paying attention, Kevin proceeds to talk about the fun he has shutting down production to test applications, finally causing Carter to drift off. Take a look!

Hilarious Dad Gets Baby to Sleep by Talking About His Job Video

Dad’s absolute hilarious approach to getting his kiddo to sleep is what parenting is all about. Sure, sure anyone can sing about twinkling stars…but how many of us can brag about technology resiliency and how, if he works hard enough, someday his son can walk in his footsteps!

Too funny!


Could you put someone to sleep with your job details?  I feel like I could…

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