Y’all, this peanut butter baby video is gonna crack you up. It’s so cute. In this peanut butter baby video you are going to see a baby and dog sharing a jar of peanut butter. That’s right, a JAR of peanut butter. But the funniest part is when they get caught! It’s too cute! You have to see it!

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I mean, who doesn’t like peanut butter?

Funny Peanut Butter Baby Video

I have to admit that peanut butter is delicious. It is a favorite in my house of everyone…including the dog. So I have to admit…I get this story!

This baby and her beloved pet pooch must be pea-NUTS about each other as they share a jar of the tasty spread together. Adorable Aria Lussier and Ivy, an American Bulldog mix, love each other so much that they even share their snacking. 

While sat on the kitchen floor at home in Oakdale, California, the 11-month old baby holds the almost empty jar up to her face while her two-year-old pooch licks the exterior…and her. Determined not to waste any of the nutty butter, Ivy even takes to licking the remnants off Aria’s arms as the hungry baby tries to scrape out as much as possible.

Take a look!

Vdeo: Baby and Dog Share Peanut Butter Video

Cierra, Aria’s mom and Ivy’s owner, said, “I just couldn’t help and burst out laughing.”

The two definitely had a lot of fun with their snack, and, thanks to Ivy, Cierra won’t even have to worry about washing them up now that the snack is done!

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