Want to make DIY baby toys? We have a big list of great DIY baby toys that are perfect for babies and toddlers. Most of these baby toys are easy to make, budget-friendly, and require minimal skill! Whether you’re a new mom or seasoned mom, your little ones will love these diy toys!

homemade toys for babies

DIY Baby Toys

I gathered this list of DIY Toys for Babies for a good reason. Did you know that babies are learning more in the first 3 years then during the rest of their lives?   This is a very busy time for them. There are a lot of “windows of opportunity” where they develop certain behaviors. The best way to stimulate the brain is through play at this age. Of course, toys are perfect. But don’t rush to the toy store just yet. You can make toys for your baby yourself. This list of DIY toys is categorized by the developmental skills. Most of the toys are made from household items which makes them even more awesome.

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Just a note about safety: Please supervise your baby at all times when playing. Make sure that there are no loose pieces or anything that could create a choking hazard. Feel the baby toys for sharp edges so playtime can be safe and fun.

Fun DIY Toys for babies

homemade baby toys- Text: Fun DIY toys for babies- kids activities blog- stacking toys, noise makers, building sticks, fine motor skill toys with putting stuff in jugs, lid keys, cardboard tube and bell shaker, maraca, discovery bucket
There are so many great and educational toys to make!

1. DIY Cloth Baby Toy

A perfect craft for your older child and a super fun homemade baby toy for your 1 year old baby. Your toddler will be very excited to make something that his baby sibling will love.

2. Homemade 3 in 1 Noise Maker Baby Toy

3 in 1 DIY baby toy will serve its purpose for sure. So many ways to play with it and so easy to make it.

3. Make Your Own Baby Shaking Toy

This DIY baby shaking toy will take you only 2 minutes to make. Most likely you have everything you need at home to make it.

4. Cute DIY Snowflake Baby Toy

This snowflake toy for baby will entertain him for quite a while. Maybe enough time for your to make dinner.

5. Homemade Baby Drum Set Toy

Easy to make drum set for your baby.

6. Make Your Own Recycled Lid Baby Toy

This recycled DIY baby toy   can make a great gift.

7. DIY Traffic Light For Babies

Teach them early about traffic with this DIY traffic light. It changes colors too.

8. Homemade Baby Sensory Bottle

Your baby will stare at this for a while. It’s 2 ingredient glitter water bottle toy. You have to make it.

9. Homemade Baby Musical Instruments

Let your baby become a musician with these awesome homemade musical instruments.

10. DIY Tubular Cardboard Bells

Watch your baby be amazed by these tubular cardboard bells.

11. Make Your Own Baby Rattle Drum

Make this cute rattle drum for your baby.

12. DIY Baby Play Station

In case your baby has a slight obsession of unrolling things (toilet paper roll or empty paper towel rolls for example) this baby play station will be perfect.

13. Homemade Velcro Craft Sticks

Stick and unstick. These Velcro craft sticks could be played with for hours.

14. Make Your Own Baby Treasure Basket Toy

If you don’t feel like making a toy just set up a treasure basket. Your baby will love exploration of whatever you have on hand like scarves, ribbons, folded duct tape, fabric scraps and crinkle paper all in different colors.

DIY Toys for Motor Play

homemade toys Text: DIY Toys For Babies For Motor Skills- Push numbers, clipping, move beads, put buttons in wipe cannister, pull fabric and craft sticks from can
Practice fine motor skills with these fun toys!

15. DIY Fine Motor Skill Baby Toy

Let your baby play independently with this toy that will help with fine motor skills.

16. Homemade Cannisters For Your Baby To Practice Their Hand Eye Coordination

Help your baby with his motor skills with these super simple diy toys. There are 4 of them.

17. DIY Wire Bead Baby Toy

DIY wire with beads toy. It’s classic but loved by many babies.

18. Feeding A Hungry Monster Baby Toy

Feeding a hungry monster toy is so easy to make, yet will be played with for hours. Easy to pack too.

19. Baby Lid Sorting Game

Let your baby sort the lids with this recycled toy.

20. DIY Elevator Baby Toy

Make buttons for homemade elevator.

21. Simple and Easy Surprise Discovery Jug For Your Baby

Surprise discovery Jug. So easy to make. (Link currently unavailable)

22. DIY Buckle Toy

Watch a lot of buckling and unbuckling happening with this DIY buckle toy. Your baby probably won’t be able to do this right away, but towards toddler years he will get much better.

Educational/Quiet soft books

homemade toys- Text: Educational diy toys for babies- color cardboard blocks, color coordinating blocks, quiet book of felt, baby book to teach
Learn about colors, shapes, and the world with these fun educational diy baby toys.

23. Baby Color Stacking Toy

Have any extra toilet paper rolls and maybe some paper towel rolls? You got yourself a color stacking toy for your baby.

23. DIY Montessori Color Toys

Montessori inspired wooden color toy.

24. Cute Drool Proof Baby Book

Make baby drool proof book. Actually it’s very cool because it will teach your baby about his body parts.

25. DIY Felt Baby Book

Another great (and gorgeous) quiet book for a baby. No sewing needed!

DIY sensory toys

homemade sensory toys- Text: Sensory DIY Toys For Babies- cloth board, water sensory bag, embroidery wall, sensory bottles, sensory board, sensory blocks
So many different sensory baby toys!

26. DIY Sensory Bottles

All you need to know about sensory bottles.

27. Homemade Baby Sensory Bag

I adore this baby sensory bag. So easy to make, yet it’s so beneficial and fun for the baby.

28. Fun and Easy To Make Texture Blocks

Genius idea turning regular blocks into texture blocks.

29. Easy To Make and Baby-Friendly Sensory Boards

I wish I had seen this when my kids were babies. I would have definitely made these sensory boards. These are the best.

30. DIY Textured Sensory Boards For Babies

Teach your baby about different animals while he is touching this awesome animal textured sensory board. Link currently unavailable.

31. Homemade Textured Cards For Babies

Individual textured cards is an alternative to textured boards.

32. DIY Baby Sensory Board

Few scraps of different fabric and your got yourself a perfect baby sensory board.

DIY Soft toys. Sewing needed.

homemade soft toys for babies- Text: Soft DIY toys for babies- fabric balls, fabric letters, fabric chew toys, fabric stuffed animals, fabric dolls, and fabric snake
Soft toys are perfect for smaller babies!

33. DIY Baby Taggie Blanket

I bet your baby will not let this taggie blanket go for some time.

34. Homemade Stuffed Felt Baby Toy Letters

Such a cute idea! Start teaching early with these felt stuffed toy letters.

35. Make Your Own Baby Fabric Lovey

Tell me who wouldn’t love this baby fabric lovey? It’s so adorable.

36. DIY Sock Animal Rattle For Your Baby

Oh, the things you can make from socks. Follow easy tutorial to make this sock animal rattle.

37. Homemade Fabric Balls For Babies

Balls are always fun for babies. How about making one from fabric? This fabric ball would be safe enough for your baby to play with.

38. DIY Sock Snake For Babies

Another great DIY toy for babies from socks. A sock snake!

39. Homemade Teddy Bear For Babies

Make your baby a special friend with this simple and cute teddy bear template.

40. Learn How To Sew DIY Fabric Baby Toys

New to sewing? Need some soft baby toys! Here are 10 free easy sewing baby toys you need to make today!

IMPORTANT. These are all DIY toys. Nothing tested or inspected of course. Make your own judgments on whether it’s safe for your child to play with it. And if you do, please don’t leave your child unattended.

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Which diy baby toys are you going to try (Oh! Check out this baby wrap too) to make?

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