5 Creative Ideas for Your Easter Egg Hunt!

Let’s have a really fun Easter egg hunt this year with these easy Easter egg hunt ideas for kids of all ages. Finding Easter eggs can be just part of the fun with creative ideas for Egg hunting!

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Let’s have a creative Easter egg hunt this year!

Hunting Easter Eggs at Home

Ah, Easter Sunday morning.   What a peaceful, quiet time of reflection. The children come downstairs dressed in their Sunday best and the family enjoys a leisurely breakfast before heading to church.

What? That doesn’t happen at your house?

How the Easter Egg Hunt Usually Goes…

Yeah. Mine neither. My kids are up at the crack of dawn to see what the Easter Bunny left for them before scrambling to find all the hidden eggs. All is over before we have even had our first cup of coffee. Boo.

Fed up with the fun being over in 3 minutes flat, we have tried several different twists on the traditional Easter Egg hunt. So whether you are a grandparent throwing an Easter egg hunt for the grandchildren or a parent or a teacher or a church organizer or…or..or…we have some great ideas for you to make this years Easter egg hunt awesome!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas to Try This Year

My kids have enjoyed the change as it keeps the fun fresh and new each year.   And most importantly, what took the Easter Bunny an hour to do is not decimated (and forgotten!) in less than 5 minutes.

1. Hide the Bunny Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt - Hide the Bunny hunt - child with Easter basket in the yard searching for eggs  - Kids Activities Blog
The treasure you find in the Easter eggs is worth bunny munny!

Who doesn’t like shopping? – Hide “Bunny Munny” in several of the plastic eggs to buy things at the “Bunny Emporium”.  Pick up several fun Easter trinkets at the dollar spot or things that appeal to your children (toys, movies, books).  Price them at different price points and have your children shop with their money.

2. Easter Egg Hunt for Color

Easter Egg Hunt idea for kids - color hunt - eggs of blue and yellow and green shown
Let’s search for Easter eggs by color…

Color hunt – Assign hunters a particular color(s) to find on their hunt. This is especially good when hunting with mixed ages, as it allows the younger children a chance to find an equal amount of eggs.

3. Easter Egg Hunt in the Dark

Flashlight Hunt – Put together your hunt the night before Easter.   Using flashlights and glow-in-the-dark paint on the eggs, kids will love to find their eggs at night!

Easter Egg Hunt idea - Easter egg checklist - Kids Activities Blog - children running in backyard with Easter baskets in hand
Give each Easter egg hunter a list of what to find!

Easter Egg Checklist- Give each hunter a list of what particular eggs they are supposed to find, 4 yellow eggs, 3 purple eggs, 1 golden egg, etc. This turns it into a true hunt and you will find the kids end up helping each other out.

5. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt – Older kids LOVE a good hunt.   With a little bit of pre-work, this will be a favorite!   Put clues to find each consecutive egg in the plastic eggs hidden throughout the entire house and have their ultimate find be their Easter Baskets.  Be creative with your clues (Hop on over to the place which makes you go brrrr ¦) and make your kids think!

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The only drawback to having a fun Easter Egg Hunt?   My kids have come to expect a creative hunt every year!

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What was your favorite creative Easter egg hunt idea?


  1. Such cute ideas! I really like the color idea, perfect for a mix of older kids and younger kids!

    1. I have a daycare and have used the “only hunt for your color” method for many years now. It works especially well here because I put slips of paper to larger prizes in the eggs and by having each child find their “special color” I ensure that everyone receives the same special gifts.

    1. My kiddos loved doing this a few years back – what i loved the most was watching them help one another out!

  2. We do our egg hunt the weekend before Easter and we hold it at night and make the kids use flashlights to go find the eggs in the yard. It’s a lot of fun and adds a bit of a difficulty factor. We also stagger who goes out starting with the youngest (18 months) and ending with the oldest. That gives the younger ones a fair chance to get eggs. And we also scatter plastic gold coins out there for the kids to find. They can then redeem the coins for the larger prizes that don’t fit in the eggs (kites, coloring books, etc, mostly form the dollar store).

  3. I love the idea of scattering the plastic gold coins! That is awesome!!!!!

  4. Nothing like a great Easter Egg hunt! Thanks for all these ideas!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  5. What great ideas! That would be fun to mix the usual routine up and I’m sure kids would love the extra challenge as well. Thanks for sharing!

  6. We are filling our eggs with pieces of a new puzzle. When the hunt is over, another fun family time begins!

  7. Swiftlymorgan says:

    Great ideas. Klutz do a great book of Treasure Hunts with about 12 different sets of clues for different ages. My girls are big now but I still have to create an egg hunt. I’ve tried using wool to wrap around my garden and they have to follow it and wind it up, collecting eggs along the way (be sure to tangle it a bit if you’re doing more than one) and one year I took photos of house hold things and cropped them in close and the girls had to identify each item which was where the next photo was.

    I also hid bits of a jigsaw that I had drawn a map of the garden on and they had to collect them all , assemble it and work out where there eggs were. Great fun and slows them down a bit and makes it all last a bit longer.

    Last year I did it as a challenge (my girls were 18 and 13) at each area I gave them a set of items to use, for example I put some empty (apart from the next clue) cans high in a tree and left them a basket of crab apples to throw at them to knock them down, at the pond I gave them some sticks, string, hooks a fruit bag and a few other bits to retrieve a clue from under the water and I hid one high up on the gazebo. Each challenge had a note saying what to do (I wrote in mediaeval type language cos my girl loves Merlin).

    I’m running out of ideas and I haven’t written this years yet!

    1. it’s been many years since my kids were little but the last thing I did was to have rhyming clues all over the house to find their easter basket. The eggs were inside because the weather is cold and snowey at Easter. Now my sun hides eggs for his daughter and recently (in Feb!) she found an egg that didn’t get found last Easter.

  8. love the idea of the flashlight hunt! Aodhan is only 3, but I know he would adore that idea. Thanks for linking up to the Kid’s Weekly Co-op!

  9. Did the color search this year – worked out great – we have a 2 yr old FD and a 5 year old bio-son. It was cute, as soon as our son finished finding his – he had a blast helping her find hers!

    My mom did the scavenger hunt type search a few times – i can’t remember what we got – but loved the search!

  10. Good day! This ideas are so fun for Easter egg hunts! Reading this post reminds me of my childhood 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Two years ago we did a pirate themed hunt with a map. I did the baskets as Pirate Treasure Chests (I found the chests at Michaels). I bought pirate hats to wear while hunting. I used gold and silver chocolate coins in the chests as well as adding pirate themed items: a model ship, a parrot, a spyglass, a compass, etc. It was a huge hit with my then 8 and 10 year old grandkids. So I had to try and outdo myself last year. A very tough proposition. But the kids told me later that last year was even more fun. What I did was tell them they were zoologists on a quest to find animals for a nature preserve. We drew a map of our property and put country names on it. I then made “Western Union” telegrams telling them where in the world to go to find a particular animal. I purchased small stuffed animals from thebigzoo.com and hid them along with the eggs. They absolutely loved it! I’m still thinking about what to do this year!

  12. I have six grandkids ranging in age from 6- 18. I have a dozen plastic eggs for each child. Each child has a different color, so they know which ones they are looking for. I write a poem for each egg. Ex: Roses are red, violets are blue, under the mustang is a present for you. Out in the garage, bu the door, your next present, is on thr floor. Once everyone has found all their eggs, they come in the house.
    I have purchased small gifts and use money. I make out a list beforehand of where each gift needs to be hidden according to whats in each childs egg as to where their present is. With the help of the adults, each takes the list of one child and hides the presents. Now we are ready for the kids to open one egg at a time and go find their present. After this is done, there is a golden egg we hide. Everyone looks for it. The one who finds it gets read whats inside it to the rest of the kids. What they have to do is a team effort ( they will figure something out together to find out where this prize is) there will be a prize there for everyone but the prize for the person who found the golden egg prize will be larger. ( chocolate bunnies or money ? ) we have been doing this for years. Takes a LOT of work but well worth it. They love this day. Takes good part of the morning. Grampy hids all the eggs in the morning outside before anyone arrives.

  13. Hey great website! My favorite idea is the Easter egg scavenger hunt. Love the printable Easter scavenger hunt with pictures that you linked to above.

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