There is an Easter Bunny Tracker? Easter is coming soon and if your kids are excited to celebrate, this might put a little happiness into their day! Yes, your kids can track the Easter Bunny and see when he’s near! Here’s how to track the Easter Bunny with the Easter Bunny Tracker…

Track the Easter Bunny this holiday with the Easter Bunny Tracker - Easter bunny on a road near a beach
Let’s track the Easter bunny…!

Easter Bunny Tracker 2024

This Easter Bunny Tracker is similar to the Santa Tracker we see floating around Facebook on Christmas Eve.

In case you’re wondering, yes, the Easter Bunny delivers Easter Baskets like Santa delivers presents.

Easter Bunny Tracker information - the Easter bunny delivers Easter baskets just like Santa delivers presents
When will the Easter bunny deliver an Easter basket to YOUR house?

Legend of the Easter Bunny

In fact, legend has it the Easter Bunny leaves his workshop on Easter Island the morning of Easter Eve so he can start bringing cheer to kids all around the globe.

Each year the Easter Bunny leaves Easter Island early the morning of Easter Eve and brings cheer to kids around the globe. Of course, Easter isn’t just about chocolate bunnies and brightly colored eggs. It’s about so much more than that! But tracking him is so much fun.

Easter Bunny Tracker Website

Fun, right?

You can track the Easter bunny and all his Easter basket deliveries all across the world with the Easter Bunny Tracker
You can follow along and track the Easter bunny!

How Can You Track the Easter Bunny?

Well, starting at 5 a.m. EST on “Easter Eve,” or March 30, 2024, you and your family can check on to Easter Bunny Tracker to track his hourly movement.

Easter basket delivery can be tracked with the Easter Bunny tracker starting on Easter eve.
Watch where the Easter bunny is delivering Easter baskets!

I know my kids will love watching the Easter Bunny get closer and closer to our house to have their own baskets filled.

What Can You Track with Easter Bunny Tracker?

In addition, the tracker also shows how many deliveries the bunny makes, how many carrots he has eaten, the last stop he visited and his speed!

So, don’t forget to leave carrots out for him!

I absolutely love the idea of leaving out carrots for the Easter Bunny vs. cookies for Santa!

Leave out carrots for the Easter bunny just like you would leave out cookies for Santa.  You can watch the Easter bunny progress on Easter Bunny Tracker
Don’t forget to leave out carrots for the Easter Bunny!

Tracking the Easter Bunny in Real Time

Your kids are going to LOVE tracking the Easter Bunny since the tracker updates in real time.

Just make sure both you and the kids are in bed by 10 p.m. come Easter Eve since that is when the Easter Bunny visits your local area.

Happy Easter bunny jumping in the middle of the street - watch progress with Easter Bunny tracker
Yay! Let’s track the Easter Bunny!

App to Track the Easter Bunny

Oh, and in case you’d rather track from your phone, the Easter Bunny tracker is also accessible via an app:

Happy Easter bunny tracking…

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Did your kids LOVE the Easter bunny tracker?

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  1. Hi Easter bunny.and I have been a very good man this year too easter bunny.and I’ll see you well soon also Easter bunny

    Love chris

    1. Hi, Chris! I passed this along to the Easter Bunny’s people, and apparently the Easter Bunny said to keep it up!Good job! 🙂