Today we have some really fun Easter egg hunt ideas that can be used both indoors and outdoors. With these fun Easter ideas, hosting an indoor Easter egg hunt can be great fun too! Whether it’s rainy, you don’t have an outdoor space to use, you need to stay inside or you just want to switch things up a little, these Easter Egg hunt ideas are for you. 

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids and maybe dogs - Kids Activities Blog
Fun indoor Easter egg hunt ideas for kids…and maybe dogs 🙂

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

When we had my oldest, we lived in a small 2-bedroom city apartment with an even smaller outdoor space. An outdoor Easter Egg hunt was often just not feasible — very few hiding spots! — especially after kiddo number two arrived.

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Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make an indoor hunt fun and entertaining.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Ideas

1. Turn the Easter Egg Hunt into a Scavenger Hunt or Game

Turn Easter Egg Hunt into a Scavenger Hunt for kids - Kids Activities Blog - kids reading clues and searching house for eggs
Host an Easter egg scavenger hunt in your home!

While searching for Easter baskets and eggs is fun, expanding the hunt with scavenger hunt clues is even more fun. You can either make your own, or buy pre-made clues.

This also works with younger kids who aren’t yet reading; just make or use picture clues instead. 

2. Add Active Clues to the Easter Scavenger Hunt for Indoor Play

Easter egg hunt Scavenger hunt for kids - cards you can print at home
Source: Etsy

Want to make sure your kiddos are still getting their energy out?

Put tasks or activities in the eggs; they have to do the task — such as “hop like a bunny” — before they can move on with the hunt. 

3. Fill Eggs with Puzzles & Activities

If you want to add another layer of fun, fill some of the Easter eggs will puzzle pieces instead. That way, even when the hunt is over, they have another awesome activity to do.  Other active Easter egg stuffer ideas are:

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How to Make the Easter Eggs Harder to Find 

I feel like there are even more places to hide eggs for an indoor Easter egg hunt: think coat pockets, in tissue boxes, under towels.

Even so, if you want to make the hunt even harder, change up the conditions in which your kids go a’hunting eggs.

4. Easter Egg Hunt in the Dark

Perhaps turn off the lights so they have to search in the dark. Or put them in blindfolds and force them to use the sense of touch to find the eggs. 

5. Change Up the Easter Egg Fillings

Easter eggs filled with cards that have benefits for kids
Source: Over the Big Moon

Don’t want your kiddos hopped up on sugar when they’re stuck inside?

Change what you put inside the eggs.

You can replace the filling with things like coins (not of the chocolate variety) or ‘privilege cards,'(the ones seen above are from Over the Big Moon – great idea!) which are basically coupons for things that kids really want, like an extra hour of screen time. 

6. Color Code Your Eggs for the Hunt

Colorful eggs on a white background
Let’s hunt for a certain color of Easter eggs!

For younger kids, assign a color or two  to each child.

Perhaps one child gets tasked with finding pink eggs. The other gets to find the orange eggs.

This way they end up with the same amount of eggs and they practice their colors.

It’s a win-win. 

For older kids, divide into teams and challenge each team to find the colors of the rainbow. 

Indoor egg hunts can be full of fun - beautiful eggs sitting on a table indoors
Indoor egg hunts can be even more fun than outdoor ones!

Even if you need to move your Easter egg hunt indoors this year, there are plenty of ways to keep it fun and interactive. 

If you need some more genius indoor games for kids, check out our great ideas!


OK, so we have gone a little coloring page crazy lately, but all things spring-y and Easter are so fun to color and great for crafting and creating inside:

What is your favorite indoor Easter egg hunt idea?  Please comment below!

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