12 Fun Games to Make and Play At Home

These fun games are a definite boredom buster!  More than that, they are fantastic ways to learn.  Don’t you love sneaking in learning time without your kids even knowing it?  After all, learning should be fun!

These games, inspired by Mothers Madness, are easy to create at home with little supplies.

12 Fun Games to Make and Play At Home

12 Fun Games to Make and Play At Home

1.  A simple dish towel and a small bean bag can become a fun game to work on gross motor skills.

2.  Use hexi cards for a fun color matching and addition game.

3.  Draw a picture using compass directions and graph paper.  Great for the older ones!

4.  Silly sentences!  This is an easy and really fun game to help with early reading.

5.  Follow the feet and read the messages on the way for a fun indoor treasure hunt!

6.  Turn a simple barrel of monkeys into learning fun.  Here are a few great games to play with them.

7.  Hang letters and pictures on a washing line or string and match the first letter of each word.

8.  Read and follow the clues to find the Christmas treasure!  This can be changed for any occasion or a birthday party.

9.  For the toddlers, play this fun matching game with their figurine toys and playdough.

10.  Here’s a fun way to teach the kids the foods they should be eating in a fun way with the food pyramid.

11.  This game is a fun way to learn about animals that hibernate and where they sleep!

12.  Make your own telephone game to practice your listening skills.  This classic game is always a hit.

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