What better way to learn colors and play than a fun Color Bugs Memory Game? This free printable game is a great activity to focus on learning colors. The game features 9 different colored bugs and the title of their color so you can your kids can play and learn together. Practice reading or practice recognizing each color by name. Kids of all ages will have fun with this cute bug game!

Color Bugs Memory Game Printable by Jen Goode
Play a Memory Game with Color Bugs designed by Jen Goode

Color Bug Memory Game

The Memory Game is a simple game of matching. This printable game set comes with 9 different colored bugs you can print and then cut out to create game cards. There’s a second sheet in the printable file that is the background pattern for your cards.

To make the cards: simply print out the background on to a sheet of white cardstock. Then flip the paper over and print the bug cards on the same sheet of paper. Repeat the process to make a second set of cards (you need two of each card). Cut out the cards and then get to playing. If you want to get really fancy, you can add glitter to the cards, but don’t do anything too detailed, the idea is to create cards that are identical on the back side.

To play Memory: This is a matching game. Place all the cards bug design down on a table. Each player takes a turn flipping over 2 cards. If the cards match, the player removes the cards and keep them in their own pile. The player then takes another turn. If the player does not reveal a match on their turn, the next player takes a turn. The player with the most matches when the table is clear of cards, wins.

This set of colorful bugs can also be used to play a game of Go Fish. You may want to make 4 of each card, depending on how you want to play the game.

Color Bugs Printable Memory Game designed by Jen Goode

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Spend an afternoon with some family game time playing this Color Bug Memory Game. The kids will have a great time matching the pictures while they are practicing their colors or improving their reading skills. Can’t go wrong when they  play to learn!

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