I adore fun math games. Helping kids learn through play is something I will always get behind. If your child is struggling with a specific math skill, it may be a good idea to try and introduce it in the form of a game. Sometimes, making it seem like play eases the anxiety of getting the answers right. Kindergarten math games to help them actually want to learn and enjoy math.

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Another fun idea might be to introduce the new concept with a game first! Either way, we have a great list of fun math games to get you started.

Kindergarten Math Games

Learning basic math is usually started in preschool. Kids learn to count to 10 and count using their fingers, however, it gets a little more tricky in kindergarten. Kids start learning about adding and take aways (subtraction) and that can sometimes be frustrating and very difficult for kids to get at first. Using games and fun will make kindergarteners forget their frustration as they start enjoying numbers!

Good Math Games For Kindergarteners

Math and math games on a chalk board.

Sum Swamp Game

Sum Swamp is a great way to practice addition and subtraction as you make your way through the swamp. It will help your child learn basic addition and basic subtraction without the frustration!


Sumoku is similar to a crossword puzzle but with numbers! There are five game variations so this game is great for any age group. This is a fun game that is perfect for kindergarten kids as they learn about numbers and further strengthen their problem solving skills.

Head Full Of Numbers

Head Full of Numbers  is good for ages 7+ and is a fast paced dice game practicing equations. It is lots of fun and is one of the better subtraction games and can also be used to learn simple addition.

Math Dice

Math Dice Jr is math dice game for the younger kids ages six and over. So this could be easily used as a simple game for kindergarten kids, but could also be great practice for first grade kids as well, and maybe even second grade if your child needs a little extra practice with their counting skills. You could easily change the rules up to teach new concepts as well. Most fun math games ever including head full of numbers, sumoku, and mathological liar.


Sequence Numbers is a great game where each  player holds a subtraction or addition card. Get the right answer and add a chip to the board. When you get five – you win! What a fun math board game! I think this is great for younger children, but also older kids. You could make it harder by adding a timer so they have only a set amount of time to answer the math questions.

Clumsy Thief

Clumsy Thief helps practice addition and also strategy skills. Great for ages 8 and older and great for a small group of kids. This is a fun way to learn basic math!

Pizza Fraction Fun

Pizza Fraction Fun is a fun way to practice fractions with pizza! This game has a variety of ways to play so it never gets boring. While it isn’t subtraction practice or addition practice, it is never too early to learn about fractions.

Mathological Liar

Mathological Liar is a game where you play detective by using math skills to solve a mystery. I would say this is great for kindergarten all the way to third grade. This isn’t another one of those simple kindergarten games, you’ll have to use math and problem solving to figure out who is telling a lie! Have sum fun math games with this pizza fraction fun and hot dots jr.

Hot Dots Jr.

Hot Dots Kindergarten Math is an interactive game that kids can play individually to work on their math skills. It gives your child practice with math, works on fine motor skills, and is super cute! The pen is a blue puppy dog!


Rummikub is classic game that is fun for kids and adults and is played very similar to the card game, Rummy. This isn’t one of those easy games where you suddenly pick it up, it may take a little practice to get it down.

Even More Fun Math Games:

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