Fun Chalk Board Games Your Kids Can Create While Playing Outside

Playing outside with chalk is a great way to alleviate the indoor boredom right now. We’ve seen awesome ideas, from chalk your walk happy messages to obstacle courses for people walking by.

But board games? Some chalk artists are taking things to the next level and creating entire board games in their driveways with chalk.

Courtesy of Innovative Minds on Facebook

This take on Chutes and Ladders in the driveway is just amazing and I’m in awe of the skills to turn blacktop into a board game.  Add a large dice if you have it (or small ones if you don’t), and the game will provide fresh air and exercise, as kids can hop from square to square.  Why walk if you can jump anyhow?

If you’re artistically inclined, check out other chalk games you could create!  Use the games you already own for inspiration.

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Redraw your Twister board outside on the pavement to stretch out those muscles.

An 8×8 board makes for yard checkers, in any size.  Use paper plates, rocks, toys, whatever you have to make two colors of pieces.

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A grid of dots can turn into a traditional game of dots and boxes, like the ones you find on restaurant menus.

Pictionary cards can turn your entire driveway into a game.  We’ve been playing it indoors, but a larger canvas sounds like a great idea.

Hangman and tic-tac-toe are old standbys, especially if you use reusable pieces for tic-tac-toe, before you run out of driveway space.

We’re all looking through our game stashes now to see what other games could be enlarged into chalk versions for more chalk your walk creations.  Anything to get the kids outside and alleviate some of the indoor boredom sounds like a win.


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