The holiday season is upon us and the Christmas spirit is around the corner. Christmas trees, candy canes and holiday cheer will fill family homes and all the good children will be wondering whether their Christmas wishes will come true. And a great way to get the holiday spirit flowing and add some gift ideas to your list this time of year is free Santa Wish List printable lists for young children and older children alike!

Click Here For Your Free Printable Christmas Wish List PDF file 

Black and white Santa Wish list printable, lying on top of a blue-green sheet with multicolored letters on a light brown background.  printed pdf version from Kids activities blog.
Christmas is all about the kids with these amazing wish list and drawing printables!

Before you check out our amazing free printables, including a letter to Santa and a customizable Christmas wish list, let’s take a look at some exciting ways to make the most of these Santa Claus Wish List Printables! 

Creative Ideas For Your Santa wish list Printable

  • The Christmas Eve Surprise – If you need a moment or two to yourself to wrap some gifts or sip some eggnog, surprise the kids with their Christmas list templates on the day before Christmas! They’ll be busy writing and rewriting their wish lists while you take a well deserved break! 
  • Letter From The North Pole – Put the Santa templates in an envelope and make believe it’s a direct mail from the North Pole from none other than Father Christmas himself!
  • Make it a Contest – A fun way to involve the older kids is to create a competition for the best lists! You can score artwork, the writing and they get to work on their fine motor skills. 
  • A Very Merry Christmas – If their wish list is reasonable and you’re able to buy the gifts, include the ticked off wish list with the gifts, signed by none other than Santa Clause. 
  • Christmas Day Wish List Reveal – Make a big deal out of the wish list by revealing the items on Christmas morning right before the kids get to open their gifts. 
  • A Fun Activity for the Whole Family – Get mom, dad, grandad and grandma ad all the family members involved and print a wish list for everyone!

The Black & White Santa Wishlist Printable

Black and white Christmas wish list page including wish list categories and spaces to fill in things they need, want and things to wear and read. There's a space to sign a name and picture of Santa Clause on the bottom left.
bring the christmas spirit to life!

Our first page is a black & white customizable Santa Wishlist. It’s the perfect Christmas activity to get the creative juices flowing and of course, to give mom & dad some much-needed help with the shopping list for Christmas!

The Black & White Blank Christmas Drawing Page

Black and white page with a banner heading announcing a drawing for Santa. Also includes a very large space to include a drawing.
have a very merry creative christmas with fun kids activities!

Our second page is a blank drawing page for the kids to get really creative in their message to Father Christmas. Encourage them to draw their gifts, their family, or give Santa something in return in the form of a portrait of his elves and reindeers!

SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR Santa Wish List printables

Santa Wish List printables are sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

DOWNLOAD Santa Wish List printable PDF FILE

Santa Wishlist Printables


Here’s wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! We hope you and the kids gets as much fun and enjoyment out of these printables as we had coming up with them!

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