22 Games and Activities with Rocks

We all know that kids can play with pretty much anything. An empty cardboard box will entertain them for hours. How about rocks? They have big potential and can provide educational and fun moments for your kids. Add some color and they make the greatest toys ever. It’s the idea that matters!

We collected some of the most amazing activities with rocks for kids that will teach them something, help them improve some skills and of course will provide entertainment. Learn while playing. That’s what we like.

activities with rocks


PLAY tic tac toe. via onecreativemommy

PRACTICE telling time with this super cool rock clock for outdoors. via sunhatsandwellieboots

ENJOY playing with homemade rock dominoes. via childcarelandblog

PAINT with rocks. via .fantasticfunandlearning

SING and improvise “5 little ducks”. via innerchildfun

TEACH kids about colors with rocks. via smartschoolhouse

rock games

MASTER the chess game made from rocks. via myheartnmyhome

TELL stories with cute story rocks. via playtivities

GET SUPER GOOD at playing tic tac toe. Nature inspired. via playtivities

HAVE FUN while learning to count. via thrive360living

BUILD words with rocks. via sugaraunts


rock activities for kids

CREATE art with rocks. via mynearestanddearest

BUILD tall towers from rocks. via nurturestore.co.uk

RACE in diy car track with cars made from rocks. via playtivities

GET on the rock train. via handmadekidsart

activities with rocks for kids

DIG for   dinosaur eggs. via beafunmum

ENJOY outdoors while playing checkers. via diydelray

MELT old crayons on the rocks and LOOK what happens. via kidsactivitiesblog

PRETEND it’s Halloween and play with these awesome pumpkin rocks. via kidsactivitiesblog

activities for kids with rocks

PAINT the very hungry caterpillar and listen to a story. via thrive360living

PLAY with rocks. 5 simple activities with rocks. via playtivities

FEEL the emotions while building and learning about them with rocks. via whereimaginationgrows

More fun activities for kids

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