This simple handmade travel memory game is a great activity to bring on your next road trip.  The biggest challenge of traveling with kids is keeping them occupied.   The more fun things there are to do and play the less you have to hear the dreaded “Are we there yet?” phrase.   Preschoolers will love the fun challenge of finding the matching shapes and you will love the quiet, mess-free play and learning!


What You Will Need To Make A Travel Memory Game:


How To Make a Travel Memory Game:

  1. With scissors or pinking shears, cut out 12 squares of felt about 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 .   (You can create more or less to make the game harder or easier.)
  2. Cut 6 pairs of shapes that match in color and are small enough to fit on your squares.   It is easiest to cut one shape and use it as a guide to cut another one of the same size.   Feel free to create any shapes you like, I went with: hearts, triangles, circles, stars, squares, and diamonds.
  3. Glue the shapes to your squares.
  4. For the board you have a few options.   You can make your own by gluing a piece of felt to a piece of cardboard.   Or craft stores sell pre-made travel size felt boards. Or if you already packed a hard surface for your road trip (like a clip board) you can simply use a sheet of felt as the board.

DIY travel memory game

This game isn’t just fun to play, it’s fun to make!   Be sure to create one before you hit the road!

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