Do your kids love a good scavenger hunt like mine do?  They’re a wonderful way to keep them both busy and entertained. It’s a bonus when they practice or reinforce new skills too.  Kid running

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Task your kiddos with finding a household item in every color of the rainbow. Give them bonus points when they can name a fruit that is red, an animal that is yellow, a vegetable that is orange, a plant that is green, a flower that is purple, and something blue outside. (Find another color hunt here and a neighborhood rainbow hunt here).

Book Hunt

This scavenger hunt from Primary Playground will have your kids engaging with books in a whole new way. Challenge them to find the following:
  • Find an animal in a book
  • Locate the word spring in a book
  • Find a picture of a sun in a book
  • Find someone helping someone else in a book
  • Find a picture of a bug in a book
  •  Find someone sleeping in a book
  • Find a book that makes you laugh
  • Find a character eating in a book
  • Find a pet in a book
  • Find a cat in a book
  •  Find a superhero in a book
  •  Find a bike in a book

Camouflage Frog Hunt

Teach your kiddos about camouflage and how frogs protect themselves with this dual craft and hunt

Math Scavenger Hunt

Have your kids practice their math skills with tasks like these:
  • Find two markers and 1 red crayon. How many items do you have?
  •  Locate 1 penny and 4 blocks. How many items do you have now? Take 2 blocks away. How many items are left?
  •  Get 6 crackers. Eat 3 of them. How many are left? 
  •  Find 2 socks and 3 stuffed animals. How many total items do you have?
  •  Find 1 fork, 2 books, and 1 green crayon. How many total items do you have?

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Head outdoors to find some signs of Spring. (Reading this in the Fall? Try this one instead). Some items you can task your kids with finding include: 
  •  Find a yellow flower.
  •  Find 3 leaves in different shapes
  •  Name 2 things you see in the sky
  •  Find two twigs
  •  Find a spider web
  •  Discover something that grows in the ground
  •  Name 2 things you see in a tree
  •  Find some water
  •  Point to something that walks on four legs

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Stuck indoors? Challenge your kids to find these items (or switch it up by telling them to find specific things on the floor to encourage them to clean up!): 
  • Find something green
  •  Get a spoon
  •  Find 2 things that have wheels
  •  Take out a cup
  •  Find 2 books
  •  Get a sticker
  •  Find a red crayon
  •  Locate 2 socks that match
  •  Find something hard
  •  Find a tissue box
Other indoor scavenger hunts include a Flashlight Scavenger Hunt and Indoor Easter Egg Hunts

Neighborhood Bear Scavenger Hunt

Get your neighbors involved in this scavenger hunt. Organize a time for everyone to put teddy bears in their windows, and then go hunting for bears! Here are more tips on how to organize this fun outdoor adventure. Now go forth and have fun hunting! Check out this indoor scavenger hunt.

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