A LEGO game is cool to kids. But top it off with a little play dough and you’ll be Super Mom to your kiddo. Kids Activities Blog loves this easy LEGO puzzle idea because it sneaks a little learning into play time.

LEGO Game for Kids: Play Dough LEGO Puzzle


When my son saw that I had created a game combining two of his favorite things, Lego and play dough, he was so excited. There are so many ways to learn with Lego. Our LEGO game was very quick and easy to put together. This activity is a fun, hands on way to teach early math concepts like spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. All that from Lego and play dough!

Fun Game for Kids Using LEGOs and Play Dough!!

Play Dough

This activity really couldn’t be easier to create. Simply roll out some play dough and then select various Lego pieces to use for your DIY puzzle. For our puzzle, I chose lots of unusual shapes of varying sizes to add to the fun. You could also choose specific shapes that your child is currently learning such as squares, rectangles or triangles. There are even circle shaped Lego pieces or for older kids why not try more advanced shapes such as a rhombus. Lego’s come in some very interesting shapes so think outside the regular rectangle Lego brick and have fun with it!

Make a LEGO puzzle for kids using play dough

LEGO Puzzle

Once you’ve selected which Lego pieces you would like to use, press each one into the rolled out play dough. Remove the pieces and place them next to the play dough. Now your homemade Lego and play dough puzzle is complete. Easy! Invite your child to match the Lego pieces to the corresponding impressions in the play dough.

LEGOs puzzle with play dough {Kids love this!}

Activity Extension 

There are so many ways that this activity could be extended to suit different skill levels. We used play dough to create a fun Lego learning activity to teach letter recognition and sight words. Try using Lego pieces which are all the same shape, but in different sizes. Make this game more challenging – after making the Lego impressions in the play dough, include a few extra pieces in the pile for your child to choose from. They will need to work out which ones belong, and which ones don’t.

More Kids Activities

What a fun LEGO game! Has your child ever combined Play Dough and LEGOs at play time? If your child loves LEGOs, you may want to take a look at these other kids activities with LEGOs: boy activities Did your kids enjoy this fun activity? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear! Also, be sure to join us over on our Facebook page.

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  1. Love it! I hope you don’t mind if a post a picture of this activity to my website along with a link to your blog. So creative!