Today we have a free printable crossword puzzle for kids ages 6-12 that features bird names making it a Bird Crossword Puzzle! Spring is in the air, and so are birds! Use this free bird crossword puzzle to build spelling skills and new vocabulary while having fun at home or in the classroom.

Colorable printable birds crossword puzzle printed pdf of simple crossword puzzle for kids surrounded by art and drawing supplies - Kids activities Blog
Print out our free birds crossword puzzle for instant learning fun.

Kids Crossword Puzzles You Can Print & Play

Kids that love challenging their knowledge will enjoy solving this birds crossword puzzles. They love the fun, you love that it helps with vocabulary, spelling, cognitive development, problem solving, patience and persistence! {Wow – that’s a lot from a puzzle!}. Click the blue button to download and print this crossword puzzle printable all about words related to birds now:

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Printable Free Birds Crossword Puzzles

Download and print our bird crossword puzzle and see him or her learn new vocabulary, challenge themselves, and practice spelling. The crossword puzzle pdf set comes with two pages.

1. Crossword Puzzle Clues

Free Birds Crossword Puzzle for kids clues page printed pdf on white background with art supplies - Kids Activities Blog
It’s time for some learning fun with our birds crossword puzzle!

The first crossword puzzle page has the clues for the crossword puzzle with 9 clues for “across” and 9 clues for “down”. The clues are as easy as, what do birds do in the sky? and as hard as, large birds of prey that are excellent hunters.

2. Printable Crossword Puzzle Page

Free printable crossword for kids pdf version shown next to a pencil
These amazingly fun birds crossword puzzles are ready to be printed and solved!

The second printable crossword puzzle page is the crossword puzzle that has a friendly bird telling you to “find the words and complete the puzzle!”

Need Help on the Crossword Puzzle?

Here is a word bank that can help solve the crossword puzzle:

  • Feather
  • Beak
  • Fly
  • Wings
  • Song
  • Nest
  • Trees
  • Spring
  • Eagle
  • Parrot
  • Egg
  • Birdhouse
  • Parakeet
  • Flock
  • Penguin
  • Sky
  • Migrate
  • Flamingo
  • Bird feeder
  • Hummingbird

Download Kids Crossword Puzzle PDF File Here

All you have to do is get a pencil, print our bird crossword puzzles pdf, and fill in the blank squares according to the clues.

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Did you solve the crossword puzzle for kids? Which was the most challenging word?

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