In the past few weeks, we’ve shared a bunch of different ways to have scavenger hunts with your kids, from getting your neighbors involved to having a teddy bear scavenger hunt. I think that we’ll keep seeing creative, fun ways that people are having these kinds of hunts to keep themselves and their kids entertained. If you aren’t able to go outside and have a scavenger hunt, how about doing an indoor scavenger hunt? You could do an ABC scavenger hunt where your kids have to find one item that starts with each letter of the alphabet. If they can’t find an item for one of those hard letters like Q or X, they can draw a picture of an item that starts with that letter. Related: Physical Fitness Fun: Printable Alphabet Exercises Cards for Kids For older kids, you can even make a competition out of it. Who can find the most items in a certain amount of time? There are even different printables that you can print out and use.


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