Today we have mix and match puzzles that have 6 adorable characters resulting in 216 different puzzle combinations kids can make with these mix and match puzzles printable. Mix and match puzzles will keep kids busy and develop problem solving skill while building creativity by mix and matching the pieces. These printable match puzzles for kids are great at home or in the classroom.

Mix and Match Puzzles that include different races, clothes, and colors.
I love that there are so many options with these match puzzles.

Printable Match Puzzles for Kids

With these puzzles printable, there are no rules on how these characters should look in the end so just let your kids get creative. Kids can match the puzzle pieces with whatever outfits they want on each person and switch them up over and over again.

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Inclusive Puzzle Fun

We’ve tried to include kids that look different from each other on the puzzle pieces so more kids can feel included in the puzzle fun. Including as many people as we can into our activities regardless of who they are, race, religion or identity.

Printable Mix and Match Puzzles Pack  Includes

  • 6 different heads
    • 3 boy heads
    • 3 girl heads.
  • 6 different tops
  • 6 different bottoms
    • 4 pants
    • two skirts

The two out of three of the boys have brown hair and one has blonde. All three girls have dark hair. All the clothes vary and includes bright shirts like: pink, blue, green, orange, red. The pants and skirts are all vary in color too, similar to the top colors.

Click to download and print the Puzzle PDF Files Here

Mix and Match Puzzles that include boy and girls with shirts, pants, and colorful shirts.
Mix and match them all! There are so many different options.

Keep the Finished Puzzle Pieces for Later

I do recommend you laminate these to make them last longer.

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What was your favorite part about this printable match puzzle for kids?

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  1. Hello,

    This site made it appear that the Mix and Match puzzles were an instant download. I had to subscribe and confirm my email address, but have not received the download yet?

    1. Hi! I just tried and it worked right away for me, so I’m not sure what happened–but I am sorry that the download didn’t work for you! I emailed the puzzles over. Have fun!

  2. Hi! This mix and match people puzzle is great. Can you also create a black and white version so children can color everything in themselves. Thanks!!