40 Thanksgiving Activities for 5 Year Olds {and Up}

We have been celebrating Thanksgiving activities for kids all week.  It started with Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers, then Thanksgiving Activities for 3 Year Olds, followed by Thanksgiving Activities for 4 Year Olds.  That is why today may NOT come as a shock…

Thanksgiving Activities for 5 Year Olds

Are you sensing a theme here?

40 Thanksgiving Activities for 5 year olds and up featured on Kids Activities Blog


Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

The thing is that it seems like there is a little extra family time packed into the Thanksgiving holiday which is why it is my favorite time of year!  These ideas are easy, use things you already have and can be modified for younger and older if you are lucky enough to have a multi-age family gathering.

Turkey Pancakes! – If the word pancakes don’t get you to check this out, I just don’t know you :).  Oh, and there isn’t turkey meat in the pancakes, they are just shaped that way.

Warhol-Inspired Leaf Art – This is something to make and display because they turn out with gorgeous pops of color!

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages – These festive coloring pages double as Thanksgiving dinner placemats.  They are some of my favorite printables!

Indian Corn Craft & 5 Kernels of Corn Legend –  This is a sweet story and a lovely craft.  What a nice way to spend an hour together!

Thankful Turkey Pencil Holder – Use the free printable to transform a tin can.

Make a Candle Holder – This is a beautiful project that ends up with a gift-quality craft.

Coffee Filter Turkey – Upcycle a coffee filter into a cute turkey – turkeys CAN be cute.

Turkey Math – Thanksgiving-themed learning that can be adapted to whatever skills your child needs to practice.

Sail the Mayflower Game – Free printable and fun family game.

Twig Picture Frame – Perfect for a gift or to make many of them for dinner placecards.

Nutty Boats – These boats made out of nuts and leaves are sure to please.

Make a Gratitude Tree – What a lovely way to remember how blessed we are.

Turkey Cookie Pops – Cute kitchen project for kids {and I want to do this too}.

Beaded Napkin Rings – Beautiful for Thanksgiving dinner or I might use one as a bracelet.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt – In case your holiday plans include a car trip, here is the perfect solution to automobile boredom with free printable.

Thanksgiving Songs for Kids – Spend some time singing this holiday with a few tunes on this list.

Paper Plate Cornucopia – Count your blessings with this Thanksgiving craft.

Thanksgiving Word Search – A free printable that works great for quiet time or in the classroom.

Handprint Turkey Keepsakes – These are gorgeous and you will want to keep these!

Book Page Turkeys – These are the cutest things ever!

Thanksgiving Games – Get kids running indoors with this fun family game that can include everyone.

Family Outings – Use the holiday time together to explore autumn outside with the family.

Thanksgiving Tree – A colorful version of the family Thanksgiving tree makes a lovely holiday centerpiece.

Mayflower Craft and Science Activity – Make your own Mayflower model upcycling applesauce containers and then float to America.

How Kids Can Help on Thanksgiving Day – Get kids involved in every aspect of the holiday with these tips and activities.

Paper Plate Tepee – I love this simple version of a cozy home.

Making Butter – Get out the kids’ wiggles with the bonus of fresh butter for Thanksgiving dinner.

Corn Collage – Make these easy corn collages and then create a display with the results – so cute!

Thanksgiving Printable Pack – Free to site subscribers, this massive collection is sure to keep little hands busy.

Fine Motor Control Turkey – This craft turns into a toy with ulterior motives and is bright and cheerful when not in play.

Thumbprint Turkeys – Use metallic paint to create a very unique and pretty turkey.

Fruit Loop Turkey – Transform breakfast cereal into a very colorful and quite cute turkey!

Snowflake Turkey – There really isn’t any snow involved here, but you can use a paper snowflake to make a handsome turkey.

Paper Roll Canoe – This simple craft is has gorgeous results!

Mayflower Diagram and Craft – Learn about ships and how those on the Mayflower lived during the long journey.

Toilet Paper Turkey Craft – Upcycle toilet paper rolls into brightly decorated turkeys that display the words of thankfulness.

Turkey Hand Art T-Shirts – Make a special shirt for the holidays using your child’s handprints.

Candy Wrapper Turkeys – All that left-over Halloween candy can be put to good use…well, the wrappers can!


How to Be a Gracious Host – Open the conversation with your children about how a host or hostess would act.

Thanksgiving Grace and Courtesy – Simple ways to teach kids these important life skills.

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