Here are our favorite Thanksgiving crafts for 3 year olds! Give young children a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving with these fun ideas for Thanksgiving activities and Thanksgiving crafts that preschoolers love. These ideas for Thanksgiving crafts are so much fun even if you are older than 3 years old.

25 Thanksgiving Activities for 3 Year Olds featured on Kids Activities Blog
Let’s have fun with Thanksgiving theme activities for preschoolers!

Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities

Thanksgiving is such a fun time for kids because the family spends time together.  We often think about Thanksgiving as one day with a Thanksgiving dinner.

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Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for 3-Year-Olds

If you have a 3-year-old, you know how “in the middle” feels!  They adore to touch, experience and participate no matter what the adventure and this collection of Thanksgiving activities, Thanksgiving crafts and Thanksgiving games for preschoolers is a great way to make memories as a family this holiday season.

Keep your little one busy with these awesome turkey crafts for 3 year olds. The best part is some of these Thanksgiving crafts will allow your little one be part of Thanksgiving dinner or the Thanksgiving dinner decorating.

Preschool Thanksgiving Food Crafts

1. Making Butter Thanksgiving Activity

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- how to make butter with kids for Thanksgiving - homemade butter in mason jar - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make butter together this Thanksgiving!

I love this idea to get kids to expend some energy and make a delicious part of Thanksgiving dinner! Making butter is also an old skill that everyone should know! This is a great craft for older children practicing their fine motor skills.

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2. Lollipop Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- Lollipop and gourd Thanksgiving turkey craft
Use leftover candy to make Thanksgiving crafts!

This is a really creative use of left-over Halloween candy for Thanksgiving fun! And if you don’t have gourds to make the turkeys, you can transform the actual lollipops into turkeys!

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3. M&M Turkey with Free Printable Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers-m&m turkey template with brown, yellow, and orange m&m's and printable turkey coloring page
Use m&m’s and this printable template makes such a cute turkey!

This is a really cute coloring activity that uses some of that candy you have left from Halloween. Check out this cute M&M turkey free printable!

4. Share a Thanksgiving Turkey Treat

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers-Image shows three turkey snacks on a table, made by 3 year olds.
Aren’t these snacks just so much fun to make and eat?

This is an amazing turkey treat that started with the book, The Firefighter’s Thanksgiving, and ended with the family visiting their local fire department.

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Coloring Craft Placemats For Toddlers

5. Make Thanksgiving Place Cards Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers-Glitter Thanksgiving placecard with name in front of china and silverware set
Make place cards for the whole family!

Get the kids involved in making Thanksgiving placecards for Thanksgiving dinner. This is so simple that everyone can get involved. This is a great way to let your 3 year old child help out getting the table ready.

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6. Simple Printable Placemats Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers-Printable Thanksgiving placemats black and white printed pdf
These Thanksgiving placemats are fun to make!

These are precious and the perfect size for chubby little fingers to color with big crayons! These simple printable placemats lets everyone say what they are thankful for. Your three year old will love help make the Thanksgiving decorations.

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7. Printable Game Placemats Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- printable game placemat with word games, tic tac toe, coloring, and drawing
This printable game placemat is perfect for keeping kids busy!

Thanksgiving dinner can be fun and games with this series of printable game placemats. Young kids, older kids, really the whole family will enjoy this easy craft. Which makes this one of the best fun Thanksgiving activities for toddlers. Practice that fine motor skill!

Thankful Crafts & Activities For 3 Year Olds

8. Thankfulness Tree Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- Image shows a gratitude tree made for Thanksgiving by 3 year olds.
This Thankful tree is a great way to remind us of our blessings all November long.

Transform a window in your home into a tree full of thanks. I love the simplicity of this and how kids can really get involved…even at the age of 3. Grab different colors of construction paper for this one, because you’ll need it!

9. Gratitude Basket Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers-  Thanksgiving Gratitude Turkey- turkey on a basket with clippable feathers with things you're grateful for
This Thanksgiving Gratitude basket is a great way to teach little kids to be thankful for what they have.

This is one of my favorite crafts in this list of Thanksgiving craft ideas for 3 year olds. This adorable turkey gratitude basket has a mission of thankfulness. It would make a really cute table decoration for dinner too!

10. Easy Thankful Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers-  Painted can with paint and paper to look like a turkey with silverware
Use a can to make a silverware holder!

Kids can color this free printable that creates the turkey using a tin can. They will need some help with assembly, but this thankful turkey craft is so cute and recycles.

11. Greeting Relatives Activity

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- Montessori 3-part family cards and family tree activity to teach toddlers to be comfortable with unfamiliar family
Teach your toddler how to be comfortable with relatives they’re not familiar with.

Holidays can be challenging for your average 3 year old because there may be a lot of activity around the house with people that they are “supposed” to know.  I love this article on how to help you child feel comfortable greeting relatives and being thankful to see family.

Thanksgiving Paper Crafts For Preschoolers and Toddlers

12. Fall Crown Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- Image shows a toddler in the woods wearing a leaf crown.
Let’s make a crown!

Looking for another fun activity for your three year old? If you have a little queen or king in your house, then making a fall crown can be a lot of fun (link unavailable).

13. Thanksgiving Coloring Pages Activities

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers-Image shows a pumpkin, a leaf, a turkey, and a boat coloring pages from Kids Activities Blog.
Thanksgiving Coloring pages are so fun for toddlers!

These are some of my favorite Thanksgiving coloring pages of all time. They double as placemats to increase a child’s ability to help be a part of dinner prep. Here are some other simple Thanksgiving coloring pages perfect for 3 year olds:

14. Handprint Turkeys Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- yellow canvas with brown, orange, green, and red feathers and googly eyes
Use paint and canvas to make colorful handprint turkeys!

Want more great Thanksgiving crafts? Make a colorful turkey. Two versions of one of the favorite, time-tested, Thanksgiving activity of all time, handprint turkeys!

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15. Thanksgiving Headband Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- Thanksgiving activity how to make a headband to learn about pilgrims and native americans
Learn about the pilgrims and Native Americans with this fun Thanksgiving craft.

Inspired by the Native Americans who made the first Thanksgiving possible these Thanksgiving headbands are respectful and cute. Who doesn’t love these cute Thanksgiving crafts for three year olds.

16. Coffee Filter Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- Image shows the process and final result of a Thanksgiving turkey craft.
What a fun Thanksgiving craft!

 You and your toddler will love these simple Thanksgiving crafts. Using a salad spinner and some paint, this coffee filter turkey craft is sure to be a hit! And the best part is, this cute craft just needs coffee filters and acrylic paint.

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17. Paper Plate Pilgrims Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- Paper plate pilgrims with female and male pilgrim with traditional clothing
Let’s learn about The Pilgrims With This Paper plate craft!

Want the best Thanksgiving crafts? This is absolutely the cutest set of pilgrims paper plate crafts…ever! This is fun and educational, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

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18. Handprint Turkey Puppets Activity

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- colorful handprint turkey on a popsicle stick puppet with pink, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue
How cute is this handprint turkey!? It’s so colorful!

This super cute idea transforms a handprint turkey into a puppet in need of a fall stage.

19. Paper Bag Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- Image shows a paper bag turkey craft with thankful words in it.
This is a really cute way to be thankful.

Your 3 y/o may need a little help with this, but it is sure to be a family tradition after you make this paper bag turkey craft.

20. Paper Plate Boat Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- Paper plate mayflower paper plate craft with paint ocean
Make the Mayflower using paint and paper plates!

The pilgrims would be proud to sail in such a fine paper plate boat.

21. Handprint Turkeys with Clothes Pin Legs Activity

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- using cardboard, your hands, feathers, and clothespins to make a cute turkey.
Use cardboard, your hands, feathers, and clothespins to make a cute turkey.

All I can say is these handprint turkeys with clothes pin legs are precious and I want to make them right now.

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities For Toddlers Ages 2-3

22. Play Dough Turkey Activity

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers-Playdough turkey with feathers and pipe cleaners
Super cute playdough turkey

This couldn’t be cuter or more “doable”. Grab a few feathers, googly eyes and pipe cleaners and your play dough turkey might actually look like a turkey!

23. Pipe Cleaner Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers-Image shows a turkey craft made with googly eyes and pipe cleaners.
Let’s use those pipe cleaners to make a turkey craft.

A paper plate, a hole punch, and some pipe cleaners are a really fun way to create a pipe cleaner turkey. What a great fine motor skill activity for three year olds.

24. Plastic Bag Turkey Craft

This Thanksgiving craft is easier than it looks because it up cycles plastic bags with the help of some pipe cleaners. It sounds simple, but this plastic bag turkey craft is super cute (link unavailable).

25. Thanksgiving-theme Sensory Bin Activity

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- Image shows a thanksgiving sensory bin with different objects.
Sensory bins are so much fun.

The base of this Thanksgiving sensory bin is…corn! Add some other seasonably textured items and you have a fun sensory experience. This is great for 3 year olds, other toddlers, and even preschoolers.

26. Leaf Garland Decor Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- Festive Thanksgiving garland using real orange, brown, red leaves
Who knew you could use real leaves to make festive Thanksgiving garland?

Get everyone involved in gathering fall leaves to decorate for the holiday! Using nature for this leaf garland decor is such a great way to use things around us to create beautiful things. 

27. Host a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- Thanksgiving printable scavenger hunt with pictures and words of things to find
Grab your friends and family and do this Thanksgiving scavenger hunt together!

Download and print our simple Thanksgiving scavenger hunt that is picture based so even 3 year olds can play!

28. Thanksgiving Facts for Kids

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- Fun printable Thanksgiving facts with multiple sheets
Learn about Thanksgiving with these great Thanksgiving facts shets.

Check out all the fun of our printable Thanksgiving fun facts for kids and see how many your preschooler already knows.


Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers- with pumpkin, tree, and turkey crafts- kids activities blog

We have great things to do to celebrate Thanksgiving with kids of all ages:

What was your favorite preschool Thanksgiving activity or Thanksgiving craft? What does your 3 year old like to do at Thanksgiving?

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