If you’re like me, you may have found yourself in need of Thanksgiving activities, crafts & art projects for 4 year olds. That is why we created this big list of fun Thanksgiving arts and crafts for preschoolers, pre-K, K-4…you know, 4 year olds! These favorite Thanksgiving art & craft ideas for your child will keep them busy and entertained during the holiday season.

30 Thanksgiving Activities for 4 Year Olds collage with a paper turkey crafy, a painted pumpkin, a thanksgiving poem, a fall sensory bin, a pumpkin pie math activity, a little boy holding a tray of plastic food, a paper turkey napkin ring, felt fall leaves, and a painted paper pumpkin.
Thanksgiving activities & Thanksgiving art preschool age kids will love!

Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities For Preschoolers

The week of Thanksgiving usually sees our family with extra time to do Thanksgiving arts and crafts together. We may need to prepare for the holiday, but in between the baking for Thanksgiving dinner and the decorating of the Thanksgiving dinner table there are lazy hours open for fun, also known as entertaining the kiddos.

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Preschool Turkey Crafts & Activities

When you think of Thanksgiving, you can’t help but think of turkeys.  Let’s start with some fun turkey-inspired art projects, crafts and gobble, gobble games and activities!

1. Shape Turkeys Activities

Paper shapes turkey craft, a brown rectangle turkey with feathers, a brown circle turkey with red and yellow circle feathers, and a triangle turkey with pointy feathers on a white background.
What a fun turkey craft perfect for 4 year olds!

Let your kids learn their shapes with this adorable and festive paper turkey craft. There are so many different Shape Turkeys to make!

2. Turkey Play Dough Activities

Turkey play dough collage with a green container of brown play dough and decorations, a turkey made out of brown play dough with feathers.
Let’s make a turkey…preschool style!

This play dough turkey craft can keep kiddos entertained for hours. The best part is that they can continue to change their turkey creation!

3. Yummy Turkey Snack

Apple turkey snack creation with dried fruit sticking out of it, cereal eyes, and a candy corn nose.
What a cute edible turkey craft!

If your little one wants a snack, let them make their own turkey snack! Not only is it fun, but it’s also healthy and delicious! What a great way to keep the hunger away on Thanksgiving Craft.

4. Feathered Turkey Craft

Kids love anything to do with glue. With this adorable craft, let them go wild by gluing up a feathered turkey! This is perfect for young children, and so much fun.

5. Toilet Paper Roll Turkeys Craft

Toilet paper roll turkey craft covered in yellow paper with googly eyes and orange and yellow paper feathers.
Gobble! Gobble! with this preschool Thanksgiving turkey craft idea.

Want more easy crafts? Recycle those cardboard tubes to create this colorful toilet paper roll turkey craft!

6. Fine Motor Turkey Craft

Paper plate turkey craft with construction paper, googly eyes, pipe cleaner, and feathers.
Let’s practice our preschool fine motor skills with this fun Thanksgiving craft.

This fine motor turkey craft lets kiddos explore many different textures with the supplies and requires their hard-working hands! What fantastic fun!

7. Turkey Napkin Ring Craft

Want more fun ideas for Thanksgiving? Bring out those toilet paper rolls again to make these useful Thanksgiving turkey napkin rings for the dinner table!

8. Number Turkeys Activity

Try this number turkey game this holiday season! Turn your little one’s craft time into a learning opportunity too with these handy number turkeys!

9. Fantail Turkey Craft

Want more fun activities? These fantail turkeys are so fun to make, and you can even use them as place cards for your Thanksgiving dinner table!

Preschool Pumpkin Crafts

Pumpkin crafts are always the cutest! Here are some of our favorites! Preschoolers will love all of these preschool Thanksgiving activities and craft.

10. Kool-Aid Pumpkins Craft

Kool-Aid painted paper pumpkins on a gray background.
Super cute preschool pumpkin craft!

It’s the time of year that pumpkins are everywhere! This simple Kool-Aid pumpkin craft is so bright and pretty, not to mention inventive, we had to include it in our list!

11. Painted Name Pumpkins Craft

Painted pumpkin with a turkey head and colorful paper turkey feathers that have letters that spell out the name "Andrew."
Let’s make a turkey!

These painted name turkey pumpkins combine turkeys and pumpkins to make an adorable craft! This one can also be used as place cards for your Thanksgiving feast, as well! What an easy way to make a pumpkin!

12. Top the Pie Activity

Top the Pie is a fun math activity that includes a free printable to set up a learning pumpkin pie! What great ideas!

Preschool Thanksgiving Worksheets & Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving crafts can even be as simple as some printable Thanksgiving worksheets and coloring pages!

13. Thanksgiving Coloring Pages Activity

Thanksgiving coloring sheets of pumpkins and a cornucopia on an orange background.
Let’s color together this Thanksgiving season…

With these festive Thanksgiving coloring pages, you can even have some fun Thanksgiving dinner placemats!

14. Same or Different Thanksgiving Printable Worksheet Activity

Same or different thanksgiving printable.

This same or different Thanksgiving printable will explore image similarities and differences for a fun learning activity!

15. Thanksgiving Handwriting Practice Worksheets Activity

Print out some Thanksgiving handwriting practice worksheets for a fun way to practice handwriting skills with a holiday theme!

16. Download & Print a Free Pumpkin Coloring Page Set Activity

Pumpkin coloring page
Let’s color a pumpkin coloring page!

We created these easy pumpkin coloring pages with big fat markers and crayons in mind.

17. Thanksgiving Count and Clip Cards Activity

This Thanksgiving Count and Clip Cards activity uses a tray and free printables that will have kids counting leaves while playing a simple math game.

18. Color Pumpkin Patch Coloring Pages for Thanksgiving Activity

Fall isn’t the same without the iconic images of the pumpkin patch! These pumpkin patch coloring pages will get kids in the Thanksgiving season spirit no matter what the weather outside might be!

19. Learn to Make Your Own Pumpkin Drawing Activity

how to draw a pumpkin
Let’s draw a pumpkin together!

Download and print these simple steps how to draw a pumpkin. Kids as young as 4 can start following the directions with help and learning basic drawing techniques!

Preschool Thanksgiving Table Ideas

These ideas will make your Thanksgiving table experience for your kids even better!

20. No-Bake Thanksgiving Cookies Activity

No bake turkey Thanksgiving cookie with candy corn as feathers, orange candy as the eyes, and a candy corn nose.
Yummy and easy to make turkey cookies!

Let kiddos decorate these no-bake Thanksgiving cookies with a turkey or a pilgrim hat. Half the fun will be eating it!

21. Make Homemade Butter Activity

One of my favorite activities with kids is making homemade butter! It’s perfect for Thanksgiving because you’ll have fresh butter for the meal!

22. Kid-Made Place Setting Activity

A lovely way to get kids involved in setting the table for Thanksgiving is with this adorable kid-made place setting!

23. Bead Napkin Rings Craft

Help your kiddos make these beaded napkin rings for your Thanksgiving table setting. They can even be personalized!

Preschool Gratitude Activities

Teach your kiddo how to be grateful with these fun Thanksgiving activities!

24. Gratitude Tree Activity

This simple gratitude tree craft will have kids drawing what they are thankful for, following the Thanksgiving tradition.

25. Thankfulness Tree Activity

Thankfulness tree with red, yellow, green, and orange leaves with notes on them.
Let’s make a Thankfulness tree!

This thankfulness tree craft is much different than the previous craft. Kids of all ages can get involved in expressing their thankfulness through this gigantic tree craft!

26. Make a Gratitude Journal Activity

Make this family Thanksgiving journal together to count your blessings. Or make your own gratitude journal with our gratitude coloring pages or our free printable gratitude journal for kids.

27. Learn How to Teach Your Kids Manners for Holiday Gatherings Activity

We can never predict what our kids will do and say at family gatherings, so learning how to teach your kids manners for Thanksgiving will be very helpful!

Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts

Here are some more super fun and adorable Thanksgiving crafts for your little one to make.

28. Paper Headband Craft

Get some strips of construction paper, feathers, and whatever else you’d like to design these cute paper headbands!

29. Fall Sensory Bin Activity

Fall sensory bin with mulit-colored rice, cinnamon sticks, kernels, and pine cones.

Make a fall-themed sensory bin with rice, leaves, cinnamon sticks, kernels, and pine cones!

30. Autumn Tree Craft

Autumn tree craft with brown paint and tree trunk shavings on a white paper.

Make trees out of…well, trees!  This is a cute autumn tree craft that starts with a trip outside.

31. Paper Plate Boat Craft

Mayflower Pilgrim Boat

Make the Mayflower boat out of paper plates and discuss the first Thanksgiving with your little ones. I love all of these list of Thanksgiving crafts, but I also love the ones that can teach my preschooler about history too.

32. Family Handprint Craft

While it may be turkey time and Thanksgiving celebration, it’s also time for family. Get the entire family involved with this family handprint wall art that could be a tradition for years to come.

Thanksgiving Family Activities with a Preschooler

Involve the whole family these fun Thanksgiving activities. They are perfect fun for not only your little one, but for everyone!

33. Read a Thanksgiving Book Activity

Choose from this list of books about Thanksgiving that can get you started on telling the Thanksgiving story.

34. Pretend Thanksgiving Dinner Activity

Thanksgiving feast pretend play collage of little girl and little boy playing with plastic food.

Throwing a pretend Thanksgiving dinner is such a cute pretend play scenario, complete with a white table cloth! This is a great way to play with pretend food.

35. Fall Family Outings Activity

Enjoy some family bonding this fall with these ideas for a fall family outing! From a nature scavenger hunt to a leaf pile, create some family fun! Love these different ways to spend time with the family this Thanksgiving season.

36. Go on a Fall Scavenger Hunt Activity

The whole family can go outside for fresh air and do this printable nature scavenger hunt that had non-readers in mind! These Thanksgiving ideas are great for little hands or older kids.

–>Check out our new printable picture based Thanksgiving scavenger hunt!

37. Thanksgiving Poem Activity

Help your kids make a Thanksgiving poem to go along with a traditional handprint turkey. Absolutely perfect to send to relatives that may not make it for the holiday.

Thanksgiving Activities for 4 Year Olds

If you have a 4 year old, you know how every “lazy” hour needs to be jammed with activity.  Little ones don’t stop for holidays, and these Thanksgiving arts and crafts are the perfect way to keep them busy!

When you think of Thanksgiving, you can’t help but think of turkeys, pumpkins, and of course, Thanksgiving dinner and the kids’ table!  Here are some Thanksgiving art projects, turkey crafts, and gobble, gobble games and fun Thanksgiving activities!

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What is your favorite Thanksgiving art projects, crafts and activities for preschoolers?

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