Easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids is one of our family traditions every year at this time. It is fun to do festive Thanksgiving crafts together. Kids of all ages can get in on the fun of these favorite Thanksgiving craft projects.  Many of our favorite Thanksgiving crafts also explore and express gratitude and thankfulness. Use this Thanksgiving craft list at home or in the classroom for hours of crafty gobble gobble fun!

75+ Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities for kids of all ages - thankful jars, colorful turkey craft, bracelet craft, potato turkey and a front door wreath craft
Let’s make a Thanksgiving craft together!

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

We have a huge list of fun ideas for Thanksgiving crafts for every age that was started many years ago, but we keep adding good Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids every single year so this list keeps growing…and growing!

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Simple and Fun Turkey Crafts for Kids

Not only are turkeys iconic Thanksgiving symbols, they’re delicious, nutritious, and silly-looking birds that kids love! These turkey crafts are easy to do and sure to be a Turkey Day hit.

1. Turkey Football Craft

Combine two Thanksgiving favorites into one with this turkey football craft from Crafty Mommy. Cute paper footballs are the turkeys’ feathers!

2. Pom Pom Turkeys

thanksgiving crafts- pom pom turkeys from Mom on a Time Out - brown yarn pom pom with handprint
Let’s make a turkey craft!

How cute are pom pom turkeys? All you need is yarn, scissors, and foam paper for this easy craft.

Hot glue a magnet onto the back, and then stick it on the fridge! via Mom on Timeout

3. Turkey Puppets

Turn an empty water bottle into a turkey puppet. Via Crafty Morning, kids can personalize their puppet with feathers and construction paper legs, beaks, and eyes!

4. Burlap Turkey

thanksgiving crafts- burlap turkey craft from crafty morning on white paper and blue background
What a cute burlap turkey craft!

A burlap turkey makes a perfect, rustic-looking Thanksgiving decoration!

Via Crafty Morning, kids can paint the burlap anyway they want, then cut it out into the perfect turkey shape!

5. Leaf Turkey

Gather leaves during your next walk, or use crafting leaves to make a leaf turkey.

Via Crafty Morning, just glue the leaves on a construction paper turkey to create a festive piece of art!

6. Pool Noodle Turkey

thanksgiving crafts- pool noodle turkey craft from Next Comes L
This simple turkey craft starts with a pool noodle!

Did you know that you can use a pool noodle to make a turkey craft?! We didn’t, either!

Via And Next Comes L, use slices of pool noodle to create a turkey body that kids will have a blast gluing accent feathers to!

7. Turkey Balloons

How cute are these turkey balloons? Such a fun way to decorate the house for Thanksgiving!

Via Design Improvised, kids can create their own turkey balloon pet with some tape, string, construction paper, and feathers.

8. Mike & Ike Turkey

thanksgiving crafts- jelly bean turkey craft from crafty morning in child's hand
Let’s make a jelly bean turkey craft!

Make a Mike & Ike turkey, then snack on the candies you don’t use! Via Crafty Morning, this craft is just a cute as it is delicious.  

9. Footprint Stained Glass Turkey

thanksgiving crafts- stained glass footprint turkey craft from meaningful mama
Let’s use our feet to craft a turkey!

Looking for a fancy Thanksgiving decoration? Make a footprint stained glass turkey via Meaningful Mama.

Frame your kids footprint with scraps of different colored construction paper to create a beautiful stained glass affect that looks like turkey wings!

10. Painted Popcorn Turkey

Kids will get a kick out of this popcorn painted turkey, via Mini Monets and Mommies.

Use popcorn to create a beautiful turkey craft, then eat the leftovers!

11. Turkey Party Hats

75+ Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities- A paper plate turkey craft.
Paper plate turkeys are a fun and simple Thanksgiving craft.

Set the mood for Thanksgiving dinner with turkey party hats. via Crafty Morning

12. Handprint Turkey

Turn your kiddo’s handprint into a turkey with shaving cream! Via Mini Monets and Mommies, this craft is messy fun kids will love.

13. Dish Brush Turkey Craft

thanksgiving crafts- paint with a dishbrush to make this cute turkey craft painting art project from crafty morning
Use something to unusual to paint!

Grab a dish brush from the dollar store and make a dish brush turkey craft!

Via Crafty Morning, kids will have a blast using a common household item to create a festive turkey craft! 

14. Turkey Leg Crown

Make an adorable turkey leg crown out of construction paper, newspaper, and paper bags! Via The Chirping Moms.

15. Shaving Cream Turkey

thanksgiving crafts- paint a turkey with shaving cream from Mini Monets and Mommies
Let’s paint a turkey with shaving cream!

Use shaving cream to make a turkey for a fun Thanksgiving sensory activity!

Via Mini Monets and Mommies, kids will love this messy holiday fun.

16. Printable EOS Turkey

This printable EOS turkey is super cute…and free!

Via Idea Room, these printables turn EOS lip balms into cute turkeys. They make adorable gifts and dinner table place holders!

17. Handprint and Footprint Turkeys

thanksgiving crafts- footprint and handprint turkey art for kids from ABC creative learning
Handprints & footprints make cute turkeys!

Use paint to change handprints and footprints into turkeys!

Via Simply Today Life, this craft is easy to do, but creates something beautiful!

18. DIY Turkey Busy Bag

This turkey busy bag is the perfect way to keep kids busy when you’re traveling over the river and through the woods to see loved ones this Thanksgiving!

Via Sunny Day Family, kids will love having somewhere to hide their treats and treasures during the holiday season.

19. Turn Your Handprint Into A Turkey

thanksgiving crafts- brightly bold painted turkey with a handprint from Mindfull meaning
I love this cute handprint turkey!

Turn your kiddo’s handprint into a turkey! Via Artsy Craftsy Mom this craft uses bright colors for each finger. Kids will love getting to use the rainbow on this turkey craft!

Easy Turkey Crafts That Use Recyclable Material

These turkey crafts are made from items you probably have around the house!

Bubble wrap, coffee filters, toilet paper rolls, and popsicle sticks are just some examples of items you can upcycle, and turn into beautiful Thanksgiving crafts.

20. Paint Bubble Wrap Turkey

Make a bubble wrap painted turkey to add some fun texture to the paint! via Crafty Morning 

21. Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

thanksgiving crafts- toilet roll turkey craft from Where Imagination Grows
What a simple and fun (and colorful) turkey craft for kids!

Use leftover toilet paper rolls to make turkeys!

Via Where Imagination Grows, kids can use construction paper, paint, and markers to add cute details to their toilet paper roll turkeys!

22. Mini Popsicle Stick Turkey

Paint a turkey on mini popsicle sticks for a cute Thanksgiving decoration!

Via Crafty Morning, kids can even add feathers to the back of their popsicle stick creation!

23. Hidden Message Turkey Tins

thanksgiving crafts- finished turkey tin filled with thankful messages from Dabbling Momma
This is so sweet…and cute!

Kids will have a blast making turkey tins to hide hidden messages in!

Via Dabbling Momma , this turkey craft is easy to make! Just find an old tin and let kids decorate it with construction paper, felt, feathers, and googly eyes.

24. Coffee Filter and Paper Plate Turkeys

thanksgiving crafts- coffee filter and paper plate turkey craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect colorful turkey crafts for kids
Use coffee filters & paper plates to make these adorable turkeys!

Make beautiful paper plate and coffee filter turkeys. This is a quick craft using items you already have from A Little Pinch of Perfect

25. Tissue Paper Turkey

If you have leftover tissue paper from presents, make a tissue paper turkey! Via Play & Learn Every Day

26. Pinecone and Pipe Cleaner Turkeys

thanksgiving crafts- Pine cone and pipe cleaner turkeys from Teen entertainment guide
Simple & fun!

Gather pinecones, add some pipe cleaners, then make turkeys!

Via Teen Entertainment Guide, kids will have a blast gathering the pinecones and turning them into cute turkey crafts!

27. Cupcake Liner Turkeys

If you have toilet paper rolls and cupcake liners, you can make cupcake liner turkeys! Via Crafty Morning, this craft is bright and colorful!

28. Paper Bag Stuffed Turkeys

thanksgiving crafts- paper bag turkeys from Joyfully Weary sitting on a table
These are such a fun way to use paper bags!

Do you have paper bags? Turn them into stuffed turkeys! Via Joyfully Weary, this turkey craft is easy to make and personalize for each kid.

Kids will love adding feathers, googly eyes, beaks, and cute red gobblers!

29. Household Item Turkey

Make a turkey out of household items for a fun and easy Thanksgiving craft idea.

Via Mama of Many Blessings, use cups, pompoms, feathers, and construction paper to make cute and festive turkeys!

30. Coffee Filter Turkey Craft

thanksgiving crafts- thanksgiving preschool turkey craft (1)
This painted coffee filter turkey is beautiful. Plus, you get to recycle!

Coffee filters are the base of this turkey craft. Use a salad spinner to spin paint around and create a beautiful design on your turkey!

Kids will love the messy fun.

31. Soda Can Turkey

Use soda can tabs to decorate a turkey! Via Crafty Morning, paint old soda tabs and use them as turkey wings and feathers.

32. Paper Plate Turkeys

Do you have a bunch of paper plates? Use a few to make some paper plate turkeys. Via A Little Pinch of Perfect, this craft is easy and festive!

33. Corn Husk Feather Turkeys

thanksgiving crafts- corn husk turkey craft from a little pinch of perfect finished craft on white background
Make a turkey out of a cornhusk!

Decorate your walls with turkeys and corn husk feathers! Via A Little Pinch of Perfect, these painted corn husk feathers are perfect for fall.

34. Leaf Turkey

Gather leaves on your next walk (or use crafting leaves, instead) to make a leaf turkey!

Via ET Speaks From Home, kids will have a blast gathering leaves from outside and turning them into a work of art.

35. Construction Paper and Coffee Filter Turkey

thanksgiving crafts for kids- coffee filter turkey thanksgiving crafts for kids from Buggy and Buddy
Use a coffee filter to make this colorful turkey!

Make a turkey out of construction paper and coffee filters! Who doesn’t remember making an accordion leg craft at some point in school? via Buggy and Buddy

36. Bottle Cap Turkey

Repurpose bottle caps into turkeys. Via Crafty Morning, these bottle cap turkeys have the biggest, cutest eyes and red gobblers!

Glue a magnet on the back for a fun Thanksgiving fridge decoration

37. Jar Turkeys

Transform empty jars into turkeys with this fun Thanksgiving craft for kids! via Artsy Momma 

38. Glove Turkeys

thanksgiving crafts for kids- make a turkey out of gloves from joyfully weary
These are super cute turkeys made out of gloves!

Put old gloves to good use making glove turkeys! via Joyfully Weary

39. Kleenex Box Turkey

Turn an empty Kleenex box into a turkey! via Meaningful Mama

40. K-Cup Turkey Craft

thanksgiving crafts for kids- k-cup turkey cups craft from Crafty Morning
What a fun way to upcycle k-cups!

If you feel guilty about K-cup waste, upcycle them into a fun turkey craft!

Via Crafty Morning, these turkey craft is cute and simple with its big googly eyes and fluffy feathers.  

41. Yogurt Cup Turkey

Save yogurt cups and turn them into turkeys. Via Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, paint yogurt cups and add feathers!

42. Terra Cotta Turkey Pots

Turn terra cotta pots into turkeys for a cute place setting idea or front yard decoration! via Crafty Morning 

43. Painted Turkey Craft

thanksgiving crafts for kids- painted bottle cap turkey craft for kids from crafty morning
This is so fun!

Repurpose bottle caps into a painted turkey craft. Via Crafty Morning, turn painted bottle caps into your construction paper turkey’s feathers!

Kids will love getting to paint bottle caps.

44. Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Roll Turkeys

Make turkeys out of paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls!

Via Meaningful Mama, feathers and googly eyes create adorable turkey crafts.

45. Box Turkey

thanksgiving crafts for kids- Recycled box turkey craft from Artsy Momma shown with a small box googly eyes feathers and a turkey snout
Transform a box into a cute Thanksgiving turkey!

Repurpose your recyclables into a box turkey.

Via Artsy Momma, this turkey box is a great, festive place for kids to hide their treats and treasures!

46. Make A Turkey Out Of Rocks

Does your family like to decorate rocks and then hide them for others to find? Try making a batch of turkey rocks! via Crafty Morning

Turn Halloween Leftovers Into Thanksgiving Crafts

75+ Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities- This turkey craft is made out of construction paper and has adorable accordion legs.
There are so many easy Thanksgiving crafts that you can make out of household items, like paper plates and construction paper!

If you’re not ready to let go of the Halloween spirit, here are some Thanksgiving crafts that capture the festive fall feeling of Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Plus, you can reuse old Halloween candy for some of these crafts.

47. Chocolate Bar Wrapper Turkey

Looking for a fun party favor to give guests after Thanksgiving dinner? Make handmade turkey chocolate bar wrappers! via The Educators Spin On It

48. DIY Candy Corn Luminary

thanksgiving crafts for kids- Homemade candy corn luminary craft from Education Possible
Using bright colors, make this candy corn candle holder.

This DIY Candy Corn Luminary is the best centerpiece for your fall table. Via Education Possible, this luminary captures the spirit of fall! 

49. Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins

Use leftover cardboard rolls and paper to make scrappy pumpkins. Via Mom On Timeout, these toilet paper roll pumpkins are gorgeous!

All is takes is scissors, toilet paper rolls, and things to decorate to create these striped, bouncy pumpkins.

50. Candy Corn Turkey

thanksgiving crafts for kids- use leftover halloween candy for this turkey craft using candy corn for the feathers from crafty morning
Candy corn feathers for your Thanksgiving craft!

Do you have leftover candy corn from Halloween? Use it to decorate a turkey! via Crafty Morning 

DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids 

Here are some fun Thanksgiving crafts that kids will love! Crafts are a great way to get in the mood for the holiday season. Plus, they can entertain the kids why you prepare for Thanksgiving Day!

51. How To Make Dipped Candles

75+ Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities
Homemade Dipped Candles hanging on a hook
Making dipped candles at home made me feel like we had been transported back in time.

Who knew dipped candles were so easy to make?

Kids will love creating something that can be used. You can even put the candles on top of the Thanksgiving dinner table!

52. Cranberry Slime

Whip up a batch of cranberry slime for kids to play with as you make Thanksgiving dinner! via Steamsational 

53. Thanksgiving Hat

Kids will love making and wearing their own Thanksgiving hat. Via Little Fingers Big Art(link unavailable), this hat has colorful feathers and pretty patterns!

54. Eye Dropper Indian Corn

thanksgiving crafts for kids- Make traditional fall colored corn with this painting technique from What Can we do with paper and glue
The corn kernels turn out so bright and colorful!

Eye dropper Indian corn gives the dreamiest result!

Via What Can We Do with Paper and Glue, just cut out a corn shape out of paper and use an eye dropper to drop water color dots onto it to create rainbow kernels! 

55. Thankful Leaves

Decorate your dining room walls with “thankful leaves”! via What Do We Do All Day

56. Thanksgiving Paper Crafts

If you’re looking for a quick Thanksgiving art project, try these easy Thanksgiving paper crafts. Via The Chaos and the Clutter, paint trees, make leaves, and color presents and people.

57. Thanksgiving Crafts

So many Thanksgiving crafts for kids to choose from! Via Peace But Not Quiet, there’s handprint crafts, turkey crafts, and adorable pinecone crafts!

58. Paper Confetti Indian Corn Craft

thanksgiving crafts for kids- Thanksgiving corn craft from School time Snippets
What a fun way to explore the colors of autumn corn.

This paper confetti Indian Corn Craft is a wonderful craft that allows kids to work on eye-hand coordination! via School Time Snippets

59. Fall Painting Projects

Use a paint roller method for fall painting projects. Via Artsy Momma, create Indian corn with beautiful colors and patterns!

60. Thanksgiving Handprint Keepsake

Turn your child’s handprint into a Thanksgiving keepsake. Via Fun Handprint Art, create adorable turkeys and people with thumbprints and handprints.

61. Paper Plate and Tissue Indian Corn

thanksgiving crafts for kids- What a fun way to make a Thanksgiving corn craft with brightly colored tissue paper from Joyfully Weary
Let’s make Autumn corn out of tissue paper!

Decorate your dinning room for Thanksgiving dinner with paper plate and tissue paper Indian corn.

Via Joyfully Weary, these tissue paper Indian corns are fluffy and colorful!

Exciting Games for Thanksgiving Day!

Let’s take a break from all the Thanksgiving crafts for some fun Thanksgiving games. Playing a Thanksgiving themed game is a great way to create holiday memories. They get everybody involved and spending time with each other.

Here are some Thanksgiving games and activities that will create some fun family time!

62. Turkey Baster Pom Pom Race

thanksgiving crafts for kids- Thanksgiving turkey baster pom pom races games for kids from School Time Snippets
Grab the turkey baster…let’s play a Thanksgiving day game!

Kids will have so much fun with this turkey baster pom pom race while the turkey cooks!

Via School Time Snippets, kids try to shoot pom poms across the table with a turkey baster the quickest!

63. Thanksgiving Ring Toss Game

Make a simple Thanksgiving ring toss game for the kids to play with while the turkey cooks! via Hands On As We Grow

64. Thanksgiving Activities

Check out these fun family Thanksgiving activities! Via Written Reality, kids will love the Nerf gun turkey hunts, scavenger hunts, and Thanksgiving bingo cards!

65. Thanksgiving Yoga

thanksgiving crafts for kids- Thanksgiving yoga activities for kids from Kids Yoga Stories - triangle pose and forward fold shown
Let’s do some yoga together on Thanksgiving!

Blow off some steam, and get rid of holiday stress with Thanksgiving yoga! via Kids Yoga Stories

Thanksgiving Crafts That Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is the reason for the season! Here are some crafts and activities that will help teach kids how to feel gratitude and express thankfulness.

Plus, you’ll end up with some beautiful Thanksgiving decorations to keep!

66. Tree Of Thanks

thanksgiving crafts for kids- Thanksgiving tree craft from mama papa bubba - full size tree on a white wall
This tree is as large as your wall!

Make it a Thanksgiving tradition to share what you are grateful for with a Tree of Thanks that can double as a Thanksgiving centerpiece!

Via Mama. Papa. Bubba., create a beautiful paper tree out of construction paper, then have the family write what they’re thankful for on the leaves!

67. Thankfulness Tree

Talk about being thankful with your kids and help them make this thankfulness tree that is the perfect table centerpiece. via Mom on Timeout

68. Gratitude Turkey

thanksgiving crafts for kids- Use this free turkey template from Tools to Grow to make a cute thankfulness turkey craft together
Let’s make a thankfulness turkey!

Kids can practice writing as they record what they are grateful for with a gratitude turkey!

Via Tools to Grow, kids write what they’re thankful for on their cute turkeys’ wings with the free downloadable craft template.

69. “Give Thanks” Handprint

Decorate with a “Give Thanks” handprint for a fun way to remind kids to show their gratitude. via The Life of Jennifer Dawn

70. Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to teach kids the power of starting each day being thankful! via School Time Snippets.

71. Gratitude Pumpkin

thanksgiving crafts for kids- Pumpkin of gratitude from coffee and carpool - handwritten things to be thankful for on a pumpkin from the top
What a simple and lovely idea from Coffee and Carpool!

Create a festive fall decoration with a gratitude pumpkin!

Via Coffee and Carpool, kids will have a blast writing what they’re thankful for on pumpkins and displaying them around the house.

72. Thankful Treat Jar For Dogs

Let your pets in on the gratitude fun with this thankful treat jar for dogs! Via Mom Dot, include your furry friends on the Turkey Day fun!

73. Gratitude Tree

childrens thanksgiving crafts- 10 Gratitude Activities for Kids
Not only do gratitude trees teach an important life lesson, they’re beautiful!

One of our most favorite Thanksgiving crafts ever is this gorgeous gratitude tree that everyone in the family can participate in.

All you need is a vase, rocks, string, and paper. Once you cut out the leaves, have your family write what they’re thankful for on them, then tie the leaves to the tree!

74. Grateful Leaves

Write out what you are grateful for on leaves! via Play & Learn Every Day

75. Gratitude Jar

Gratitude jars are great Thanksgiving traditions. Everyday, have the entire family write something they’re thankful for on pieces of paper and put it into a jar.

On Thanksgiving Day, have the entire family read everything they’re thankful for!

76. Gratitude Garland

childrens thanksgiving crafts- gratitude garland from mosswoood connections shown hanging from a mantle
Let’s make a gratitude garland to decorate the house for Thanksgiving dinner!

List all of the things you have to be thankful for on a gratitude garland!

Via Mosswood Connections, have the whole family write what they’re thankful for on notecards, then string them together to create garland.

77. Be Thankful Bucket

childrens thanksgiving crafts- Make a be thankful bucket for kids to write or draw on paper and add to the bucket from Dabbling Momma
What a sweet idea to encourage kids to express gratitude!

Pass around a “be thankful bucket” after Thanksgiving dinner.

Via Dabbling Momma, kids will love decorating the bucket and putting notes with what they’re thankful for inside.

It’s the perfect opportunity to teach gratitude to kids! 

78. Grateful Turkey

Use leftover paint sample cards to make a grateful turkey!

Via Sunshine & Hurricanes, kids can write what they’re thankful for on strips of paint sample cards, then use them as feathers on their thankful turkeys!

79. Little Thankful Thoughts

childrens thanksgiving crafts- brightly colorfully painted jars with notes attached that say little thankful thoughts from mama rosemary
What a beautiful way to express little thankful thoughts!

Paint jars to hold your kiddo’s little thankful thoughts! Via Mama Rosemary, these jars are beautiful and kids will lave putting their thankful thoughts in them!

80. Handprint Gratitude Tree

Try making a handprint gratitude tree with kids. This Thanksgiving craft with a message opens the door to an amazing conversation around the power of gratitude.

Check out the step by step tutorial via Fun Handprint Art Blog.

81. Garland Of Thanks

There’s no better Thanksgiving decoration than a garland of thanks!

Via Mama.Papa.Bubba, paint real leaves, write what your family is thankful for, then string them together to create a festive fall garland!

Thanksgiving Crafts Made from Things You Have Around the House!

75+ Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities
,You can make Thanksgiving decorations out of almost anything–think outside of the box!

Tired of turkey crafts? Here are more Thanksgiving crafts made from common household items that aren’t turkeys!

Upcycle household trash and turn them into beautiful fall decorations. Here are some pilgrim and Indian corn crafts.

82. Popsicle Stick Pilgrims

childrens thanksgiving crafts- popsicle stick pilgrim craft from crafty morning
Let’s make a popsicle stick pilgrim!

Make popsicle stick pilgrims for a quick and fun Thanksgiving craft! via Crafty Morning 

Or check out the simple way to make a popsicle stick turkey craft!

83. Toilet Paper Roll Ears of Corn

Turn cardboard rolls from toilet paper or paper towel into ears of corn. via Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails 

DIY Thanksgiving Decorations 

Pretty leaves, bright pumpkins, and fall themed wreaths are a great way to herald the fall season! These Thanksgiving decorations are even better when they’re made by your families own hands. Then you can add sweet, personal touches that make them even more special!

84. Thanksgiving Wreath

childrens thanksgiving crafts- steps to make an easy Thanksgiving wreath with kids for Thanksgiving from the Chaos and the Clutter
It is easy to make a simple Thanksgiving wreath with kids!

Kids can help make a lovely Thanksgiving wreath for your front door! Via The Chaos and the Clutter (link unavailable), this wreath is easy to make. Just use pretty foam leaves.

85. Painted Leaf Wreath

Kids will have a ton of fun making a painted leaf wreath!

Via Mini Monets and Mommies, kids will have just as much fun finding the leaves as they will painting them! 

86. Glitter Pinecones

childrens thanksgiving crafts- glittering pinecone decorations for Thanksgiving made with kids from Mom Dot
Love this idea from Mom Dot to make glittery pinecones…and acorns!

Kids love glitter. Kids love scavenging for pinecones and acorns. These glitter pinecones make a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece! via Mom Dot

87. Paper Leaf Wreath

Decorate your front door with an amazing paper leaf wreath! via Meaningful Mama

Thanksgiving Table Decorations You Can Make

Thanksgiving dinner is the highlight of Turkey Day. That’s why these tabletop decorations are perfect! Spice up your ordinary dining room table with these festive fall decorations, and have fun with your kids making them!

88. Beaded Napkin Rings

childrens thanksgiving crafts- finished beaded napkin ring craft for kids Thanksgiving table dinner from Buggy and Buddy
What a lovely decoration for your Thanksgiving dinner table!

Help your kids make beaded napkin rings that your dinner guests can take home with them! via Buggy and Buddy

89. Turkey Table Place Cards

childrens thanksgiving crafts- turkey placecards for Thanksgiving table craft from Mini Monets and mommies
Let’s make homemade place cards for the Thanksgiving table.

Add color to your table with felt turkey table toppers! via Mini Monets and Mommies

90. Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Make your own Thanksgiving napkin rings this year!

Via Mini Monets and Mommies, use an empty paper towel tube and tissue paper to create a beautiful napkin ring.

91. Colorful Turkey Place Settings

childrens thanksgiving crafts- pinecone turkey table decoration from Mom Dot shown on a table
So many fun options to customize this pinecone turkey craft from Mom Dot.

Go on a nature walk and gather pine cones to turn into colorful turkey place settings for the table! via Mom Dot

92. Fabric Pumpkins

Decorate your Thanksgiving table with decorations that the kids can help make! Via Education Possible,  with these adorable fabric pumpkins!

93. Turkey Place Cards

Grab some googly eyes and pipe cleaners and make turkey place cards.

Via While He Was Napping Momma Gets Stuff Done, these tiny turkeys are sure to be crowd pleasers with their adorably big eyes.

94. Turkey Napkin Rings

Dress up your Thanksgiving table with colorful homemade turkey napkin rings!

Via While He Was Napping Momma Gets Stuff Done, all you need is foam paper, scissors, glue, and googly eyes to make these cute turkey place cards! 

95. Homemade Thanksgiving Place Mats for the Table

We here at Kids Activities Blog have been a little obsessed for years and years with making our own Thanksgiving place mats for the dinner table.

Educational Thanksgiving Activities & Crafts for Kids 

Who says crafts can’t be fun and educational? Not only do these crafts teach Thanksgiving history, they let kids practice literacy and math skills in a festive, fun way!

96. Scarecrow Letter Patches

childrens thanksgiving crafts- Scarecrow letter craft for kids from Growing book by book
Let’s play with Thanksgiving themes and learn!

Work on letters and letter sounds with scarecrow letter patches! via Growing Book By Book

97. Sink Or Float STEM Project

Get your little ones excited for Thanksgiving with a fun sink or float STEM project.

Via J Daniel 4’s Mom, use items from around the house and a tub of water to discover which will sink and float! 

98. Clothespin Turkey Feather Craft

childrens thanksgiving crafts- clothes pin feathers turkey fine motor craft for kids from stir the wonder
This craft helps kids develop fine motor skills.

Study colors and patterns with a clothespin feather turkey craft. Via Stir the Wonder, this project is also a great way to practice fine motor skills!  

99. Paper Punch Color Match Turkey

Make a paper punch color match turkey to work on patterns, colors, and hand-eye coordination! via Lalymom

100. Turkey Learning Games

Get kids excited for Thanksgiving with turkey learning games! \

Via The Educators’ Spin on It, there’s 9 different ways to play with this turkey, including math and literacy games!

101. Fine Motor Skills Turkey

childrens thanksgiving crafts- button felt turkey for fine motor skills from rubberboots and elf shoes
Let’s make a turkey craft that helps kids with fine motor skills like buttoning…

Work on your little one’s coordination with a fine motor skills turkey!

Via Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes, little fingers can work on their coordination making this cute button-up turkey!

102. Educational Thanksgiving Unit

Here is an entire educational Thanksgiving unit to share with your kids. Via The Life of Jennifer Dawn, this unit includes a “T is for Turkey” printable and handwriting practice sheets.

103. Salt Crystal Feathers

childrens thanksgiving crafts- Salt crystal feathers from Steamsational
Part art & part science…this is really fun!

Looking for a Thanksgiving STEM activity? Make salt crystal feathers! via Steamsational

104. Paper Bag Turkey Puppet

Write a short story and then act it out with a paper bag turkey puppet!

Via Glue Sticks and Gumdrops, this craft is a great way to practice reading and writing skills!

105. Montessori Fall Activities

Here are a few Montessori fall activities to share with your kiddos! Via Mama of Many Blessings, they include an adorably festive fall science basket! 

106. Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrim Hats

If you’re studying the pilgrims, make pilgrim hats out of toilet paper rolls for a fun craft to go along with your lesson! via Crafty Morning

107. LEGO Stamped Indian Corn Craft

childrens thanksgiving crafts- LEOG stamp painted autumn corn from crafty morning
What a fun paint technique using LEGO bricks…

Teach your little artist about texture with a lego-stamped Indian corn craft! via Crafty Morning 

108. Cranberry Motor Skills Games

There are so many fun cranberry fine motor games to play.

Via Lalymom, kids will have a blast playing with the bright berries!

109. Paper Plate Pilgrim Ship

Use a paper plate and straws to make your own pilgrim ship just like the Mayflower.

You can sneak in a history lesson while kids are making the craft!

110. Turkey Spelling and Sight Words Activity

Learn to read with a turkey spelling and sight words activity!

Via Confidence Meets Parenting , kids will make a cute turkey craft, then put sight words on its wings!

111. Turkey Puzzle

childrens thanksgiving crafts- make a handmade turkey puzzle with found nature objects from Edventures with kids
Let’s craft a turkey puzzle!

Make a turkey puzzle that allows kids a chance to work with colors and practice patterns.

Via Edventures with Kids, this turkey puzzle is made out of painted rocks! Kids will have just as much fun gathering the rocks as they will putting together their turkey puzzle.  

112. Recycling Egg-Carton Turkey Craft

childrens thanksgiving crafts- egg carton turkey craft from crafty morning
Let’s make turkeys from egg cartons!

Teach kids about the importance of recycling with an upcycled egg carton turkey craft. via Crafty Morning 

113. Turkey Spelling Game

Practice making Thanksgiving words with a turkey spelling game! Via J Daniel 4’s Mom, kids write letters on the feathers of this adorable turkey!

114. Mayflower Replica

childrens thanksgiving crafts- craft a replica of the Mayflower with a milk carton and some popsicle sticks.  Fun Thanksgiving craft idea from Stir the Wonder
Let’s make a milk carton Mayflower!

Make a small Mayflower replica by recycling an empty milk carton and popsicle sticks.

Via Stir The Wonder, this craft creates the perfect opportunity to teach kids about recycling and the original Turkey Day!

115. Turkey Numbers

Create turkey numbers and play math games!

Via JDaniel4’s Mom , this craft is easy adorable! All you need is different colored construction paper, scissors, glue, and googly eyes to turn regular numbers into turkeys!

116. Preserve Leaves

childrens thanksgiving crafts- make a leaf turkey or other leaf crafts from Dabbling Mom
Let’s go on a scavenger hunt and find some craft supplies…

Study leaves and what it takes to preserve leaves. Via Dabbling Momma, this is a fun science craft! 

117. Turkey Counting Game

Use clothespins to make a turkey counting game! Via We Play 2 Learn, this game combines math and fine motor skills.

118. T is for Turkey!

Teach kiddos that T is for turkey! While yo are working on this craft, think of other Thanksgiving foods and words that start with T! via Crafty Morning

119. Turkey Name And Letter Recognition Activity

Practice reading with a turkey name and letter recognition activity.

Via Simply Today Life , this turkey activity is great practice for kids learning to spell their name!

120. Fun With Field Corn

Buy some corn during your next visit to a pumpkin patch, and then have fun with field corn! via Mama of Many Blessings

121. Egg Drop Experiment

thanksgiving crafts- popsicle stick turkey egg drop experiment from Steamsational
Get all the Thanksgiving theme crafty and science fun instructions from STEAMsational.

Have you ever heard of the egg drop science experiment? Give it a Thanksgiving twist and try smashing “egg turkeys”! Via Steamsational 

122. Play Dough Turkeys

Work on fine motor skills by making play dough turkeys!

Via Craftulate, all this craft requires is some playdough, feathers, and googly eyes. Kids can add extra details with foam paper beaks and straw feet.

123. Turkey Counting Cards

Play with numbers with turkey counting cards!

Via Mama of Many Blessings , these cards are a great way to practice counting, number recognition, and your Thanksgiving vocabulary.

124. Fall Sensory Bin

thanksgiving crafts- Fall sensory bin with mulit-colored rice, cinnamon sticks, kernels, and pine cones.

Explore the wonders of autumn with a fall sensory bin.

125. Upcycled Book Pumpkin Craft

thanksgiving crafts- How to make a book pumpkin from a paperback book
Let’s make a book pumpkin!

Use an old, worn-out paperback book to create this lovely book pumpkin craft. This works well for all those out of date curriculum books that might be hanging out at the library dollar sale too.

126. 5 Little Turkeys Lesson Plan

Check out this 5 little turkeys lesson plan! Via Wikki Stix (link unavailable), this lesson plan practices moth, science, literacy, and includes lots of Thanksgiving fun too!

127. T is for Turkey Craft!

Practice ABC’s with a T is for Turkey craft! via Stir the Wonder 

128. Read Thanksgiving Books for Kids 

Let’s take a break from all that Thanksgiving crafting to read a book! Reading with your kids can be one of the most memorable experiences of their childhood. Not only does it encourage reading later on in life, it’s fun, personal one-on-one time!

We’ve created a list of books about Thanksgiving so you can create family memories and get everyone in a festive mood!

  • The Littlest Pilgrim & Thanks for Thanksgiving – These are our favorite children’s books about Thanksgiving including The Littlest Pilgrim and Thanks for Thanksgiving.
  • A Plump and Perky Turkey – Read the book, A Plump and Perky Turkey, and then make a fun paper plate turkey craft! via Joyfully Weary
  • Looking for Thanksgiving books for kids? Check out this list of great reads via EdVentures with Kids, these books include Sarah Gives Thanks, Duck for Turkey Day, and ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.  
  • Cranberry Thanksgiving – Read the book Cranberry Thanksgiving, and then explore cranberries! via Delivering Grace
  • Gobble Gobble Crash – Read the book, Gobble Gobble Crash, and then make a turkey craft and discuss the book! via Joyfully Weary
  • Thanksgiving Poem – Print and decorate a Thanksgiving poem. Via School Time Snippets, a handprint perfectly matches this cute Thanksgiving poem.
  • Check our our silly twas the night before Thanksgiving poem here at KAB.
  • More of our favorite Thanksgiving books for kids can be found here on Kids Activities Blog!

129. Adorable Thanksgiving Songs!

Another quick break from your Thanksgiving craft is to sing a song. Kids love Christmas songs, so why not teach them some songs for Turkey Day?

These Thanksgiving songs are festive and merry. Kids are sure to love them, and sing them so much they get them stuck in the whole families’ head!

  • “The Harvest Song” – Teach your kiddos “The Harvest Song” while you bake a loaf of bread together! via Let’s Play Kids Music
  • “5 Little Scarecrows Song” – Sing the “5 Little Scarecrows Song”! Via The Preschool Toolbox Blog , there are cute scarecrow crafts to go along with the song.
  • Harvest Songs – Amuse little ones with harvest songs! Via Let’s Play Music , these songs focus on farmers harvesting their crops.

Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Coloring helps kids work on their hand-eye coordination, promotes creativity, creates color awareness, and improves motor skills. Plus, it’s fun!

It also gives parents time to work on Thanksgiving dinner in peace.

Here are some Thanksgiving coloring pages that will help get your kids in the mood for Turkey Day!

130. Turkey Zentangle

thanksgiving crafts- free printable turkey coloring page in zentangle pattern for kids to color from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make turkey art!

This Thanksgiving turkey zentangle is a Turkey coloring page that kids will love! The patterns are not only beautiful, but relaxing to color.

These printables are free and easy to download and print!

131. Printable Fall Coloring Pages

75+ Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities:
4 Free Printable Fall Coloring Pages that include Fall leaves, scarecrow, and more!
Spice up these fall coloring pages with mustard seeds and apple spice!

Fall is here! Kids will have a blast decorating these printable fall coloring pages.

There’s a scarecrow, a puppy in leaves, fall themed, and fall activity list coloring page.

You can even glue spices and mustard seeds to make this a project work all the senses!

132. Thanksgiving Printable Pack

Fill out this family Thanksgiving printable pack with the kiddos while your turkey cooks! via A Little Pinch of Perfect

133. Thanksgiving Bucket List

Print out a Thanksgiving bucket list to help keep you on track, appreciating all of the little moments that make November great! via The Chirping Moms

134. Tell A Story About A Turkey Printable

Tell a story about a turkey with this printable. via Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes

135. 3D Gratitude Printable

thanksgiving crafts- thankful 3d printable from Create in the Chaos
What a lovely printable Thanksgiving craft!

How cool is this 3D gratitude printable?!

Via Create in the Chaos, kids will have a blast coloring on all 10 sides of this 3D gratitude printable.

136. Turkey Feathers Matching Game

Print out a turkey feathers matching game! Via Tot Schooling, this printable is a great way to work on patterns and numbers.

137. Pumpkin Printables

thanksgiving crafts- pumpkin lacing cards from growing hands on kids
This is part of a large pumpkin themed printable set.

If you’re looking for a pumpkin-themed lesson, check out these pumpkin printables! via Growing Hands On Kids 

138. Meal Time Thankful Notes

Print out these meal time thankful notes to leave by everyone’s plate, for a fun after-dinner activity for the family. via Beauty Through Imperfection

139. Good Deeds Printable

Print out this good deeds printable, and then cut the deeds up to fill a gratitude jar with positive ideas to help others! via While He Was Napping Momma Gets Stuff Done

140. Thanksgiving Printables

Celebrate Turkey Day with the youngest members of your family with these Thanksgiving printables. via No Stress Homeschooling

141. Printable Thanksgiving Tracing Pack

This printable Thanksgiving tracing pack allows little ones to practice writing, drawing, and coloring! via Tot Schooling

142. Thanksgiving Writing Paper Printables

Practice writing with Thanksgiving writing paper printables. via 3 Dinosaurs

143. Free Math and Literacy Thanksgiving Printable Packet

Looking for a fun Thanksgiving lesson? Check out this free math and literacy Thanksgiving printable packet! via Tot Schooling 

144. 3D Turkey Printable

Decorate a 3D turkey printable! Via Red Ted Art, this turkey has beautiful patterns and stands up by itself. You can download and print the free printable on the site.

145. How to Draw a Pumpkin & Turkey Step by Step Printable Guide

  • Kids can make their own easy pumpkin drawing with this pumpkin drawing tutorial that you can download and print and use over and over.
  • Oh, and if you want to make your own easy turkey drawing, then check out this how to draw a turkey printable guide.

145. Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets for kids

75+ Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities-
Three Thanksgiving coloring pages, including a cornucopia and a pumpkin.

Keep little ones entertained with Thanksgiving printables, while you prepare Thanksgiving dinner!

Here is a fun list of free Thanksgiving coloring pages including a printable placemat for kids. There’s a cornucopia, pumpkin, and adorable “Happy Thanksgiving” coloring page. Here are a few more Thanksgiving coloring pages you might like to download and print:

Gratitude Printables

Gratitude and thankfulness is the reason for the season. They’re important lessons they everyone needs to learn. That’s what makes these Thanksgiving coloring pages so great. Kids can have fun coloring while learning all about gratitude!

146. “I Am Thankful For” Printables

These “I am thankful for” writing prompt printables are the best way to tech little ones about gratitude. via Growing Hands-On Kids 

147. Thanksgiving Gratitude Printables

Get on the “thankful train” with these Thanksgiving gratitude printables. via Happy & Blessed Home 

148. Thanksgiving Letter Match Printable

Work on letters and words with a Thanksgiving letter match printable activity! via Wildflower Ramblings

149. Thanksgiving Printables

Learn about Thanksgiving with Thanksgiving printables!

Via Montessori Nature, there’ s Thanksgiving ABCs, a gratitude printable, and cut-out printable for kids to practice their cutting skills.

thanksgiving crafts- thanksgiving word search from kids  activities blog
Let’s take a break from crafting to do a word search!

Here’s a great free printable word search to occupy your child while you prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

151. Printable Turkey Placemats

These printable turkey placemats lets kids play in tons of different ways.

Via Lalymom, these placemats work great with playdough, craft sticks, feathers, paint swatches, and washi tape!

152. Turkey Place Cards

Print and color these turkey place cards for your dinner table!

Via Doodles and Jots (link unavailable), there’s tons of space to color and a place to write down dinner guests’ names.

153. Thanksgiving Bookmarks

These printable Thanksgiving bookmarks will make the cutest place cards at the kiddie table! Via 3 Dinosaurs, kids can color and personalize them!

154. Printable Placemats

Keep kids busy during Thanksgiving dinner with printable placemats.

Via While He Was Napping Momma Gets Stuff Done, there’s a maze, word match, and fill-in-the-bubble game that’s sure to keep kids entertained during Thanksgiving dinner!

155. Thanksgiving Dinner Printables

Check out these Thanksgiving dinner printables that allow your little ones to host a pretend dinner! via Pre-K Pages

156. More Gratitude Printables for Kids

thanksgiving crafts- Gratitude Journal from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s create our own gratitude journal!

Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers

Toddlers love participating with the rest of the family. They don’t want to miss out on any of the excitement, even if the activity is too hard for them to do.

That’s why we gathered crafts that are the appropriate difficulty for toddlers, but are still fun enough to keep their attention!

157. Footprint Turkey Craft

thanksgiving crafts- baby with footprint turkey craft from Crafty Morning
Even baby can do this Thanksgiving craft!

Make a footprint turkey craft with your baby or toddler for a sweet keepsake! via via Crafty Morning

158. Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers

Here are some festive Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers, so that your little one can join in on the fun! via Syncopated Mama

159. Turkey Picture Frames

These turkey picture frames are the perfect DIY Thanksgiving gift for grandparents! Fill it with a picture of your little turkey!

Via The Chirping Moms, all you need is paint, feathers, googly eyes, and foam paper to turn ordinary wooden picture frames into festive turkeys.  

160. Turkey Headband

Make a turkey headband out of items you already have around the house!

Via Simply Today Life , all you need is scissors, construction paper, and googly eyes to make these adorable, accordion-legged turkeys!

161. Handprint Turkey Hat

Toddlers will get a kick out of making a handprint turkey hat. Via Crafty Morning, this craft is simple and fun! 

162. Bobbling Turkey Hat

thanksgiving crafts- construction paper turkey hat that has a bobbing head from how wee learn
This turkey craft has a dose of cuteness!

This bobbling turkey hat will make little ones giggle!

Via How We Learn, all you need is construction paper, scissors, and a little imagination to make this silly turkey hat!

163. Colorful Handprint Turkeys

Kids love painting with their hands! Make these colorful handprint turkeys! Via Crafty Morning 

164. Turkey Feather Preschool Patterns

thanksgiving crafts- make beaded turkey from School Time Snippets
Let’s make colorful beaded turkeys!

Practice patterns and learn about colors with a turkey feathers preschool patterns craft!

Via School Time Snippets, this turkey is made out of Styrofoam balls and colorful beads and could be modified to different age groups with larger or smaller beads, etc.

165. Thumbprint Turkey Prayer Cards

Little ones love to finger paint! They can help make thumbprint turkey prayer cards for the table! via Fun Handprint Art

166. Shaving Cream Painted Cornucopia

thanksgiving crafts- shaving cream painted cornucopia from Mini Monets and mommies
Let’s paint a cornucopia!

Make a shaving cream painted cornucopia with your littles!

Via Mini Monets and Mommies, this is a fun, messy craft little ones are sure to love.

167. Play Dough Turkeys

Make play dough turkeys, using play dough, feathers, googly eyes, and crafting felt pieces! via Mama. Papa. Bubba. 

168. Handprint and Footprint Turkey

Make a Thanksgiving keepsake for grandparents! They will love this handprint and footprint turkey. via Simply Today Life

169. Playdough Thanksgiving Feast

Practice for the big day by making a play dough Thanksgiving feast.

Via Stir the Wonder , kids will love molding their own tiny Thanksgiving feast out of playdough.

170. Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

These easy Thanksgiving crafts are perfect for toddlers! Via Teaching Mama , they include handprint and pinecone turkeys.

171. Kiddie Table Inspiration

thanksgiving crafts- kids table ideas for thanksgiving from Design Improvised
What lovely and colorful ideas from Design Improvised for the kids table!

Here’s some inspiration for your kiddie table this year! Via Design Improvised, turn gourds and turkeys into adorable turkeys!

172. Paper Plate and Tissue Paper Turkeys

Practice cutting and gluing by making a paper plate and tissue paper turkeys! via Crafty Morning 

173. Neon Bottle Cap Turkeys

Work on hand-eye coordination with bottle cap painting neon turkeys. Via Crafty Morning , use bottle caps to paint neon feathers for construction paper turkeys.

174. Feather Letter Turkey Craft

Practice writing your little one’s name with a feather letter turkey craft! via Growing Book by Book

175. Paper Cup Turkeys

thanksgiving crafts- Turkey pudding cup technique for decorating a cup into a turkey from Kids activities blog
Let’s make a turkey cup!

Turn paper cups into turkeys for a cute and easy decoration. via There’s Just One Mommy 

Or use the turkey pudding cup decoration technique seen in the image above to craft a paper cup turkey…with or without pudding!

176. Green Pepper Turkeys

Use green peppers as stampers to decorate a turkey with feathers! Via Crafty Morning, these green peppers create a beautiful pattern for your painted turkeys.

Thanksgiving Fun Food Crafts for Kids

Kids can be picky eaters. When one kid hates this and another hates that, Thanksgiving dinner a struggle! That’s why we gathered some delicious, and kid-approved, Thanksgiving treats that the whole family will enjoy.

177. Owl S’mores

thanksgiving crafts- owl s'mores from The Chirping Moms
Let’s make an owl themed treat!

I can’t wait to try this fall twist on a summer classic–owl s’mores!

Via The Chirping Moms, these owl s’mores have candy corn beaks and orange candy felt faces!

178. Candies Yam Marshmallow Casserole S’mores

Here’s a unique Thanksgiving dessert idea for the kids… candied yam marshmallow casserole s’mores! via Mini Monets and Mommies

179. Pumpkin Pie Parfaits

Switch up your pumpkin pie game with pumpkin pie parfaits!

Via Ideas for the Home by Kenarry, layer the delicious pumpkin filling, crushed vanilla cookies, and whipped topping inside a mason jar.

180. Healthy Turkey Snack for Kids

Make a healthy turkey snack for kids, using peanut butter, pretzels, craisins, nuts, and candy eyes. via Meaningful Mama

181. Apple Turkey

thanksgiving crafts- Apple turkey snack creation with dried fruit sticking out of it, cereal eyes, and a candy corn nose.
This apple turkey snack is cute, healthy, and delicious!

Set the kiddie table with everything needed for kids to make their own apple turkey.

Via The Chirping Moms, this apple turkey has toothpick and raisin feathers, a candy corn beak, and cheerio eyes!

182. Reese’s Turkeys

thanksgiving crafts- Reeses turkeys from mom on timeout
What a tasty turkey treat!

Serve the kiddos Reese’s turkeys for a fun Thanksgiving treat!

Via Mom On Timeout, this turkey is made completely out of yummy candy! Kids are sure to love it.

183. Original, Old- Fashioned Pumpkin Pie

Switch up your usual pumpkin pie recipe by making an original, old-fashioned pumpkin pie!

Via Mama Rosemary, this recipe was supposedly a favorite of George Washington’s!

184. Fun Food Turkeys

Celebrate with different versions of food turkeys! via Meaningful Mama 

185. Turkey Pizza

thanksgiving crafts- make a pizza turkey from pre k pages
Let’s make our pizzas look like turkeys!

Kids will have so much fun making a turkey pizza. via Pre-K Pages

186. Thanksgiving Recipes for Kids

Here is a list of yummy Thanksgiving recipes for kids. Via Kids Cooking Activities, there’s cookie pilgrim hats and turkey sandwiches.

187. Turkey Rice Krispies Treats

Turkey rice krispies treats make the perfect Thanksgiving dessert for kids! Via Meaningful Mama, use candy corns to make cute feathers.

188. No-Bake Thanksgiving Cookies

thanksgiving crafts- No bake turkey Thanksgiving cookie with candy corn as feathers, orange candy as the eyes, and a candy corn nose.
Kids are sure to love these no-bake Thanksgiving cookies!

If you’re short on time and need a dessert for Turkey Day, make these no-bake Thanksgiving cookies!

Via The Chirping Moms, this cute dessert needs pre-made cookies, chocolate melts, and candy corn. YUM!

189. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

thanksgiving crafts for kids- A pumpkin and its raw seeds are shown, just before roasting.
Make roasted pumpkin seeds!

Use the scooped out stuff from your pumpkin to make the most delicious easy roasted pumpkin seed recipe…ever!

190. Make Harry Potter Inspired Pumpkin Juice

If your kids are fans of Harry Potter then they know all about Harry Potter pumpkin juice! Oh, and it makes for a really yummy and healthy Thanksgiving celebration drink kids can enjoy.

191. Make a Turkey-themed Desserts to Make for Thanksgiving

thanksgiving crafts for kids-25 Yummy Turkey Desserts To Make
Let’s make a turkey treat!

We have over 25 yummy turkey themed dessert ideas that you don’t want to miss…they are so cute!

Thanksgiving Activities For Kids By Age

75+ Fun Thanksgiving Crafts  and Activities Kids Will Love!
Crafts are a great way to create Thanksgiving memories!

Need something to break up all those Thanksgiving craft projects? We got something no matter what age:

What is your family’s favorite Thanksgiving craft? Comment below! 

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