Make time for a few family outings this season.   Fall is a season of change that speaks to the senses…the crunch of leaves, the kaleidoscope of colors, the coolness of the air. The impending holidays invite togetherness and create the perfect setting for family activities. Kids Activities Blog is excited to share these ways you can strengthen family bonding while exploring the richness of fall.

family outings

Family Outings

1.   Go on a nature scavenger hunt.   Create a list beforehand of what items you’d like to see on your walk.   Some list ideas are: leaves of different colors (red, yellow, orange, brown), a tree with no leaves, squirrels,   a scarecrow, rakes, pumpkins, acorns, etc. 2.   Collect leaves, acorns, and twigs and create a fall centerpiece for the family table. 3.Make a leaf pile and take turns jumping in it.

family activities

Family Activities

4.   Decorating pumpkins doesn’t have to be just for Halloween.   Check out your local pumpkin patch or farmer’s market for pumpkins.   Use paint and paper to create turkeys out of them. 5.   Have your own Thanksgiving Day parade.   Each family member can dress up in a costume (whatever, they’d like) to march around the house in. 6. Use at least one item of clothing from each family member to create a scarecrow to display in your front yard. 7. Find a local apple orchard and go apple-picking.   Work together as a family to make an apple pie, cinnamon apple crisp, or caramel apples.

family bonding

Family Bonding

8. Trace and cut out your family’s handprints on fall-colored paper.   Glue them around a donut-shaped paper plate to create a family fall wreath. 9. Mix up some homemade yellow, orange, brown or red playdough.   You can add cinnamon or nutmeg for an autumn scent or crunch up leaves to add texture. 10. Take a drive to a local rural area and enjoy the scenery.   Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy while you’re there. Aside from these activities, there are so many more ways to enjoy fall as a family, whether it be crafts, service projects, or just reflecting on what you’re thankful for. 30 Days of Fall Fun Calendar

More Kids Activities

Family outings are a special time to be together as a family while experiencing something or somewhere new.   Make the most of your outings by making sure you have family activities for everyone to enjoy.   For more great kids activities, take a looks at these fun ideas:

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