Kids on the road need ways to help the time pass and this car coloring page for a photo scavenger hunt just might help.   This fun game helps parents who are traveling with children avoid the constant whining from bored kids in the back seat.   Kids Activities Blog wishes you and your loved ones safe and fun travels on the road this holiday season.

traveling with children

“Over the River and Through the Woods, to Grandmother’s House we go….” always sounds so sweet when it’s sung.  But when you are kids who don’t enjoy long car rides and are constantly asking “Are We There Yet?”, a car trip doesn’t sound so lovely.  With a little preparation in advance, here is a fun game the entire family can play that will make the miles just fly by!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Every summer we travel 13 hours to the beach.  Knowing my kids dread the long car ride, I created a travel bucket for each of them, filled with activity books, blank journals, snacks and a “Traveling Photo Scavenger Hunt”.

car coloring page

My kids are BIG fans of scavenger hunts, so I knew this activity would be right up their alley.  Here is what we did:
  • First, create a list of 25 objects they might see on the road trip. Make them easy, make them hard, make them funny, and make them memorable!  My kids went all summer long looking for an “airsteam trailer” and the “motorcycle with a sidecar” and we finally found them way after the trip.    We also found that the kids would find one and both take a picture of the same thing, so I think in future games, we might make them each their own different lists.   Below is our Car Coloring page.   It’s a word hunt.   All your kids need is to color or circle the things as they find them on the road.
road trip printable for kids to play I Spy as you drive.

Download here:

  • Next set the rules.  Do you want to award points for each one found?  Or just check it off the list once it has been completed?  You can make the game go for the entire trip, or just one day.  You can make each item have a clear picture to be counted.  Or the whole family can participate and check them off together.  You know your family the best, so do what works for them and their age group.
  • Have the kids get creative – ask them to take picture of funny or unusual things they see along the way for Bonus Points.  We came across this gas station in Louisiana that had a pet tiger- BIG points for that find!
  • Once the trip is completed, take the pictures and make a scrapbook out of them – it is a great keepsake of the trip!

More Coloring pages for Kids:

We hope this car coloring page helps the miles pass more smoothly for your kids.   Traveling with children doesn’t have to be challenging.   It just takes a little preparation.

Do you have any tips and kids activities for road trips?   We’d love to hear them!

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  1. Thanks for the great idea idea! Going to use it this weekend when we travel to my in-laws which is 3 hours away. We use the dvd far too much so it’ll be nice to try something new 🙂