School is just around the corner. And it is time to plan your classroom! Here are some of the best hacks, tips and ideas of ways to organize your room without breaking the bank! hacks for the class

Ideas to add color AND storage

Add some color and storage to an otherwise blank room with Plastic Milk Cartons.  Ziptie them together to make them into a cubbywall. Add black contact paper to old jam jars to create fun pencil/pen jars.  Label them with chalk pens. Need some stools and storage??  Why not create a bunch of bucket seats – literally, transform a bucket into super cute seats. Glue a pom-pom to the lids of your dry erase markers – you won’t have to hunt for an eraser again! Cut up a shower board from the hardware store to create mini-white boards for your kids to work with. tips for teachers on classroom organization

DIY Ideas for Organization

Make a collection of floor mats to help kids have a “place” to sit during floor storytime, using old tablecloths. Store colorful pencils in a half gallon milk jug.  Easy to grab what you need and pick up the container and stack to put away. Separate the various levels of reading books, or other class subjects, with a color system.  Each level gets their own color of bucket. organize class

Frugal Classroom Tips

Need extra board space??  Or are you a mobile teacher sharing a classroom with no “home?  Make a tri-fold white board to bring with you. Don’t spend a fortune on organization.  You can re-purpose cereal boxes with a bit of wrapping paper to become classy magazine holders. Use containers of hand-sanitizer as a  Bathroom Hall Pass. Do you have a bunch of different station “tasks” for your kids to complete??  Check out this TP Tube assignment wall.   This teacher used it for language vocab lists. Don’t forget about the back of your door.  You can use that space for odds and ends.  Use a plastic backed shoe organizer and you can cut out the section for the class-door-window. ideas to help kids be more independent Help your kids develop self-control with the help of calm-down-jars.  You can also use these as timers for reading time, or turns between stations. Say goodbye to glue sticks.  They get dried out, make a sticky mess.  Use small tubs add  a sponge-saturated with regular school glue. Drop old markers into a small container of water.  The water will turn the color of the markers and you have watercolor ink.  We’ve made ink this way  – it really works! for teachers and class organization

Genius.  Simply Genius.

Paint the file cabinet with chalk board paint and label what’s inside. No more scratching and screeching chairs!  Add a slice to a tennis ball and put them on the bottom of the seat polls. Have a “book hospital” – a place to put books with tears so you can tape and “save” them.  Detention task?? Hang an organizer from your whiteboard with easy-to-access prompts and aids. Get a quality tote – with deep pockets, perfect for carrying folders, projects and supplies back and forth. We have more classroom organization hacks here!

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