Packing a lunch box lunch for school every day of the year can get monotonous and time-consuming. We want to share with you our favorite lunch hacks and school lunch ideas to make packing your lunch easier for mom and more fun for the kids!

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Make your mornings easier with these school lunch hacks.

School Lunch Hacks: How to Pack a LUnch Box

School cafeteria lunches have not always been known to be great and some places they’re not very healthy, so packing your child’s lunch can be a great solution to save money and choose what your child is eating.

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This list of school lunch hacks are sure to save time and make lunch packing a bit easier for everyone. After all, we want our mornings to be as stress-free as possible!

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Genius Lunch Hacks for School

1. Homemade Ice Packs With Sponges

Make your own homemade ice pack using sponges. Via Kids activities blog

2. Drain Plastic Fruit Cups

Use this quick hack to drain the juice out of kids mandarin oranges cups. via Your Modern Family

3. School Lunch Hacks

Keep a pre-sliced apple from browning by wrapping it in plastic wrap. via Krazy Coupon Lady

4. Apple Hacks and Tricks

Or keep them together with a rubber band! via A Helicopter Mom

5. Use a Thermos

Send kids to school with warm lunches like macaroni or ravioli by using a kid-friendly Thermos jar. It’s also awesome for keeping food cold like fresh fruit!

collage of food hacks for kids and lunch ideas for school
These food hacks for kids are great.

Food Hacks For Kids – School Lunch Ideas

6. DIY Uncrustables

Cut sandwiches into fun bite-sized pieces with a Sandwich cutter or make your own uncrustables sandwiches using this decruster sandwich maker.  Don’t throw away the scraps, try to use them to make other dishes. Via Unsophistic Cook

7. Sandwich Ideas For Kids

Or pack your kids all the toppings separately so that they can make their own open faced sandwich faces. Via kids activities blog.

8. Make Ahead Sandwiches For The Week

Quickly make two weeks worth of sandwiches at once and freeze them so they are ready each morning. via The Pinning Mama

a picture of women preparing DIY lunchables in a bento box for kids
These cookie cutters are very helpful in adding a fun element to a plain sandwich

9. Food Hacks For Kids

Use your juice box as an ice pack! Just keep them frozen and they will keep the food cool while it de-thaws during the day. via Passion for Savings

10. Lunch Notes For Kids

Check this library of 500 free printable lunchbox notes to add to your kid’s lunch box. Learn how to print on sticky notes so you can easily stick them.

Kids Lunch Ideas – School Lunch Hacks

collage of school lunch hacks and lunch ideas for kids
How is to use reusable pouches for applesauce. They are also great for smoothies on-the-go

11. Use Reusable Baby Food Pouches

Save money on applesauce pouches by making your own at home with reusable pouches.

12. How To Store Smoothies For Your Child’s Lunch Box

If your kids love smoothies they can totally take them to school! Follow this tutorial to make lunch box smoothies. Via Food for my family

13. DIY Lunchables

Make your own DIY Lunchables that goes perfect in a mason jar! via Smart School House

14. Back To School Chalkboard Lunch Box

Paint the inside of a tin lunch box with chalkboard paint so you can leave fun notes inside every day! via About Mom

15. Choose a Bento Box for Children’s Lunch Box that is Leak-Proof

The BentGo box has lots of compartments for food and is completely leak proof. Want your food to stay hot? Check this Omie Bento box which has a thermos compartment to keep food hot or cold for hours. And bento box ideas to fill these lunch boxes via Kids activities blog.

Lunchbox Hacks

collage of lunch box hacks and kids lunch ideas
Silicone cupcake liner has a lot of purposes than what it is meant for. Don’t you agree?

16. Tackle Box Lunch Box

Try this Tackle box lunch box for a fun variety of lunch or snacks. Via Kids activities blog

17. Lunch Box Organization Ideas

Make an epic lunch packing station like this one to make mornings so much easier. via Design Improvised

18. Grab a Drink in the Box Eco-Friendly Reusable Drink and Juice Box Container

Save a ton of money on juice boxes by buying one Drink in The Box. It’s a reusable, plastic juice box container so you can make your own.

19. Try BPA FREE Reusable Storage Bags

Avoid plastic! Get these reusable sandwich bags for your PB &Js and snacks. Replace paper bags with these canvas bags.

20. Silicone Cupcake Muffin Baking Cups Liners

Use silicone cups to divide your snacks inside a big snack box.

More Back To School Ideas From Kids Activities Blog:

What other hacks do you use while preparing your kid’s lunch? Share with us in the comments below. 

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