Pool Bag Hacks You Have To Try This Summer

Grab your pool bag or pool tote! Summer is here and you know what that means! Swimming! Whether that is the beach or the pool you are going to need to get organized so you have everything you need within reach.

A good pool bag is a summer necessity. Make sure you are totally prepared for a hot day at the pool with these genius pool bag hacks you have to try this summer!

Pool Bag Hacks You Have To Try This Summer
Grab your pool bag! We are headed to the public pool!

Best Pool Bag Hacks & Organization Tips for Summer

Going to the pool in the summer time is great, however, it comes along with its own stresses. Trying to get everything everyone needs together, especially if you have more than one child, can be a momentum task.

However, these awesome pool bag life hacks will make it so much easier. They’ve been a lifesaver for me and I’m all about things that make my life a little easier.

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Pool Bag Checklist

Never forget the essentials with this pool bag checklist. It’s great because you can use a hole punch and a keychain to stick it to your bag so you are sure to see it every time! You could even laminate it so you could use it over and over again. via Moritz Fine Designs

Pool Bag Hacks

This is one of my favorite pool bag hacks! Keep a balloon in your pool bag — you won’t believe the reason why! It’s for one of the worst problems that comes with swimming…one I wish I knew about years ago when I was a kid! via Popsugar Moms

Waterproof Phone Pouch DIY

Sew your own splash proof phone case. This waterproof phone pouch DIY project is perfect for your phone and for carrying a little extra money for treats at the concession stand or to pay for admission. via Polka Dot Chair

Beach Tote With Insulated Cooler

Get a pool bag that doubles as a cooler — perfect for hot summer days. This beach tote with insulated cooler can easily save you some money! Bring lots of drinks, despite being in water, you can still dehydrate quickly on a hot day without realizing it!

Food Boxes To Go

Use a jewelry organizer to store snacks! I love this because not only does it save space in your bag, but you can put so many different snacks in it so there is variety! It can even fit healthier foods like granola bars, dried fruit, meat sticks, etc. via Sports Mom Survival Guide

pool bag and beach bag ideas by making your own bag, buying a bag/cooler, and making a bag holder.
Stay more comfortable with these pool bag ideas.

Sunscreen Bottle Hacks

Don’t throw out that sunscreen bottle yet! This sunscreen bottle hack is amazing and super clever actually! Empty a sunscreen bottle and store your valuables inside! Not only will it keep it together, but it is less likely to be stolen! Just make sure you keep it close so no one mistakes it for theirs by accident. via Kids Activities Blog

DIY Waterproof Phone Pouch

This is one of those summer hacks that I actually use a lot – a homemade waterproof phone pouch. Keep ziplock bags on hand for an easy phone protector. We use this when we go to the river and beach as well and occasionally when we are camping or hiking. Love it! via One Good Thing by Jillee

Empty Capri Sun Pouches Decorations

Make a pool bag from a laundry bag and then decorate them with recycled empty Capri Sun pouches. They make they cutest little fishes! The googly eyes really pull it together I think. via The Nerd’s Wife

Wipes Container For Plastic Bags

Store plastic bags in a wipes container — you can always use these for trash, wet swimsuits, and more! This is so clever and keeps bags from being everywhere. We all know how quickly plastic bags can get out of hand! via Infarrantly Creative

Printable Beach Packing List

Here’s another pool bag packing list! While technically it is a printable beach packing list, but you need the same things for both so it works out! via Making Lemonade Blog

Pack the perfect pool bag and beach bag
I love a good pool bag!

Ultimate Pool Bag

Make the ultimate pool bag with a detachable wet bag and a place for your towel! I am loving this! Now my car doesn’t have to be soaking wet on the way home! This would be great for the beach too. via Rae Gun Ramblings

DIY Pool Hacks

Here is another great DIY pool hack. Use an empty Chapstick bottle to keep your money safe in your bags. If for some reason someone decides to be mischievous and take a gander through your bags, they won’t easily find your cash. via Space Ships And Laser Beams

Video: Hacks For The Beach (And Pool)

Repack Your Pool Bag

Repack your pool bag after you return home so it’s always ready to go! You may be tempted to throw it to the side and relax after a long day at the pool, but if you repack it right away, you won’t have to rush and worry the next time and won’t be missing anything! via Diary of a Recipe Collector

Pool Organizer

This summertime pool organizer will easy roll to fit in a pool bag and is perfect for laying out on a pool chair! Not only will it protect from the hot sun, but everything you need will be in the pockets. How cute is this! via Thirty Handmade Days

Pocket First Aid Kit

While the pool may have a first aid kit, it’s always good to have yours. And if you don’t want to be toting a large one around, you can easily make a pocket size one for your bag. An Altoid tin is the perfect size for storing first aid supplies. via Instructables 

Our Favorite Pool Bags for Summer

Finding the perfect pool bag or pool tote is essential for getting everything you are going to need for you and the kids to the pool…and back without spreading it throughout the house, the car, the changing room, the poolside area and beyond! Here are a few of my very favorite beach and pool bags:

Best pool bag from Amazon - golden speedo mesh backpack pool bag
I like when my pool bag is a backpack to keep hands free.

Best Pool Bag..I Mean Backpack…Ever

My favorite pool bag is actually a pool backpack! What I love about this Speedo Unisex-Adult Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Equipment Bag is that it comes in about 15 different colors and is made mostly of mesh. I found that mesh is the best for my family when we go to the pool or the beach because sand will fall through and so will water and I won’t have a messy mess in the bottom of the bag at the end of the day. I also like the backpack for pool because it frees up your hands for grabbing hold of children.

Pool mesh tote with multiple pockets for phones, towels, flip flops, water bottle and more
Mesh totes allow for the sand, dirt & water to be drained away!

Mesh Tote

If you like the mesh idea, but are not into backpacks, then check out this pool mesh tote. It is a Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag – Lightweight Tote Bag for Toys & Vacation Essentials. It also comes in a huge variety of colors – my favorite is the yellow. This model also has a ton of pockets on the outside that can carry everything from your phone (even in a water-proof container), sunglasses, flip flops, water bottles, goggles and plenty of towels.

Black mesh pool bag with zipper top and multiple side pockets filled with towels, flip flops, snorkel, sunscreen and more.
Keep everything secure with this mesh pool tote with zipper closure.

Mesh Bag with Zipper Closure

Zippers are awesome. If you are traveling in a car with your pool tote thrown in the back or even carrying it on a plane, having a zipper on the top of your bag can be a lifesaver. I like this mesh pool tote that has a zipper on the top. There is plenty of space for multiple beach towels, sunscreen, flip flops, lotion, and even snorkel and mask.

Blue and white traditional beach bag or pool bag from Amazon
This traditional beach bag works great poolside!

Traditional Pool Tote

Here is a very traditional white and blue stripe pool tote that has rope shoulder straps. I like the length of the straps allowing for easily going over a shoulder. It is 100% waterproof and has a phone case and outside pockets along with a magnetic closure to secure items inside. The side pockets work great for your phone or water bottle.

Neoprene Multipurpose Beach or Pool Bag Tote with Inner Zipper from Amazon shown in gray
So many cool features of this beach and pool bag.

This Pool Bag Has Everything…

OK, this is like the fancy version of a pool bag – what cool swim bags! It is made of neoprene and has an inner zipper pocket and comes in a whole bunch of bright colors. The straps are really unique and make carrying this bag flexible, easy & waterproof pool tote. It is also machine washable which is the key to easy cleaning.

Genius pool hacks to make your summer easier.

More Pool Hacks to Make Summer Cooler & More Organized from Kids Activities Blog

What is in YOUR pool bag? Please let us know if we missed anything in the comments below…

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