13 Nail Polish Hacks You Need In Your Arsenal

I’ve always loved having my nails painted — it just gives you a little extra something, kind of like your favorite earrings.

I’m not so good at doing it though. I make a mess, smudge it, and it always chips by the end of the day.

Which makes me really excited about these nail polish hacks I just found.

I can’t wait to try some of these!

13 Nail Polish Hacks You Need In Your Arsenal

13 Nail Polish Hacks You Need In Your Arsenal

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This manicure hack is awesome if you are a messy painter like me. Use Elmer’s glue for a fast clean up! via Today

Get the perfect ombre coloring by using a makeup sponge. via All Women’s Talk

Keep tipping over your nail polish? The Tweexy is such a cool little gadget to cure this problem.

Do you love glitter polish but it never looks right? Guess what – you’ve been doing it wrong! I had no idea, but here is the tip you’ve been looking for. via Teen Vogue

Oops! Made a little mistake? Here is a great way to fix polish mess ups. via Bobs Rogue

If you want a more vibrant color, do a base coat of white! via Makeup and Beauty

Cracked a nail? Use this tutorial to make a miniature nail band-aid to keep it from breaking completely. via Home and Heart DIY

Striped nails are super tricky to do, here is a great hack tutorial to teach you how. via xo Jahtna

13 Nail Polish Hacks You Need In Your Arsenal

If your favorite polish has become dried out, don’t worry. Add a little acetone to the bottle, shake it up, and it’s like new! via Allure

Get your nails dry quick with this air and LED light portable dryer.

If you spill your polish on the ground (tile, hardwood, etc. but not carpet) pour sugar over it immediately to clump it up, then sweep. via PopSugar

An easy way to make your polish last longer is to make sure and seal the edges after painting. So simple! via Stylecaster

And of course, finishing with a great top coat like Seche Clear makes a huge difference as well.

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Leave a comment: What are some other nail painting tips that you’d like to share?

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  1. I love hacks. Who doesn’t want to make life easier? I’ve been looking for tips and hacks to make my nails healthier. One of them that I’ve been practicing is using vinegar to clean my cuticles. I think it’s effective.

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